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Anti BDS Hero
by Zvi Manasseh | Aug 20, 2018 | BDS, Israel
Over the past month, Ireland has sent shockwaves throughout the world by voting in favor of passing a bill that would ban the import of products created in Israel's Judea & Samaria territory.

What's most alarming about this bill is that it sets the stage for other European countries to do the same - with terrible consequences. If Ireland bans products from Israel, it will lead to great losses of profits that family-run companies in the Israeli heartland rely on in order to survive.

The Israeli government opposes this ban, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He notes, "Legislation, which promotes a boycott of any kind, should be rejected as it does nothing to achieve peace…"

Despite all of these political setbacks, we have two heroic subscribers from Ireland that continue to subscribe to Lev Haolam despite what's happening in their country - even if that means that they'll be politically persecuted. Their support helps us continue our mission to support small family companies that are suffering due to the BDS movement. These family-owned and operated companies rely on continued business from Israel and abroad in order to continue ancient traditions and to keep their companies alive.

Although we cannot publish their names for obvious reasons, we are extremely grateful to these subscribers, because even in the face of potentially breaking the law, they continue to stand up for what they believe in.

If these heroic subscribers aren't afraid to support local businesses in Judea, Samaria, and Golan Heights through us, you shouldn't either - by coming together to form a community, we can go forward and show the world the beauty of Israel's Holy Land.

By purchasing a Lev Haolam subscription box, you directly support and impact small businesses and get an amazing assortment of products. Teas, chocolates, jewelry, spices, artisan crafts, and other goodies await you every month.

Let's beat the boycott together!

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