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Let's look back at the most memorable moments of last year and see what we achieved together
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Shlomo's air compressor broke and for several months he had to borrow one from an adjascent business. The orders he recieved from Lev Haolam generated income that allowed him to invest in a new air compressor which has improved his production significantly.
Corona hit Hanan from AgroCafe hard. He had to shutter his factory, and his employees had no work. A phone call from Lev Haolam changed everything for Hanan and his team. The order gave work to him and his staff. Furthermore, he recently invested in a new coffee roaster, another positive result of his business's growth.
Ilana Winter's small organic cosmetic business was hit hard during the Corona year. Her family lost much of their income and was at risk of losing their home. The Lev Haolam order Ilana received secured their year and helped her business grow! With much joy, so did their family. Congratulations to a new member of their family born during the crisis!
"Lev Haolam was the first large-scale order that I ever received. I believe it was 700 pieces and I was excited but also scared. It was the order that made me realize I could do it!
What is special about Lev Haolam is, of course, the large orders but especially the staff. They really care, and they want you to be successful. They take the whole person or business into account - they ask where is this person holding in their life. Can they handle the order? What is good for them? I see Lev Haolam is always helping me make each order work best for me. My life situation, my family, and my budget. It's not just about making money.
It has elevated me into a new phase of making my ceramics cleaner, with brighter colors and higher quality. It has just helped me improve in every direction, from making things on the wheel to packing, because the more you make, the better you get. It's supposed to be that way! Accepting these orders just put me in the mindset that WOW. I CAN DO IT! They trust me. They believe in me. They're supporting me, and they've got my back.
That gave me a lot of encouragement and confidence, and then I was, like, WOW. I CAN get into stores, and I can do other orders in America, and then things started moving. It's the confidence and support that Lev Haolam gives to its people"
Dr. Kitron has been able to invest in additional equipment to improve his factory and his manufacturing process. The first was a cream filling machine which eased work flow for his factory workers. His most recent investment is a new distillation machine which will improve quality and quantity of his distillation from local flowers. He was thrilled and credited the machine to the merit of Lev Haolam supporters.
Orli credits Lev Haolam for turning her ceramics passion and her dream into a bona fide business. The regular orders she received from Lev Haolam in 2022 allowed her to invest in a second kiln which means she can accept and complete larger orders with less stress and in a shorter time frame! This year she and her husband improved production by building (by hand) a more spacious studio that looks out onto the desert surrounding her home!
Receiving large orders helped David to scale his business. He credits his partnership with Lev Haolam for exposing his brand globally. He has received online orders from as far afield as Botswana! 2022 also saw him moving to a larger packaging plant and upgrading his packaging, all of which is sourced from local Israeli partners.
When Nicole first worked with Lev Haolam, she was handwriting labels for her unique 100% natural skincare. Her orders from Lev Haolam were substantial, allowing her to scale her business.
She worked with a talented Israeli graphic artist to create a beautiful logo and printed labels. Now Nicole has moved her production from her home to a factory facility!
Her partnership with Lev Haolam taught her she could not only dream big but also bring her dreams to life and grow her business!
"Working with Lev Haolam has created the opportunity to make more connections with suppliers and expand the kinds of business relationships we have the capacity for. For example, since working with Lev Haolam, we have started working with a number of organizations for whom we created a custom design. They use our work as gifts for donors and business colleagues." - Davida Weill
"Lev Haolam is the force that drives our business. It helps us earn a living with dignity from our hard work and support our family. As a young family living in Samaria, there was little chance to build a small, home-based business of natural cosmetic products and become profitable in a way that supports all the household members and employs additional workers from our locality.
Thanks to the financial and moral support from Lev Haolam, we established our business and built a large studio that hosts visitors. We invested in professional equipment and launched a website and a delivery network for the whole country and the whole world! Alma Soap can now provide a living with dignity and joy for our family and our valued employees.
We are very grateful to all the supporters of Lev Haolam for the incredible support they give us and many other families and small businesses throughout Israel. We pray that God will bless you and pay you double for all the good you give us." - Adi Levi
"The orders from Lev Haolam were significant for me and my business. They allowed me to hire a permanent employee for the first time and create opportunities in the far north, in the Golan Heights. They allowed me to purchase raw materials at good prices and make all my products more profitable. They allowed me to invest in equipment that really helped me to be more efficient at work, from new and larger molds to drying and storage shelves and a dishwasher and tables. They taught me how to work in large quantities and opened a window for me to turn to a new field of work, turning to business and wholesale customers.
Honestly, Lev Haolam has been my biggest leap in business to date. They ordered from me twice, and each time was very significant and taught me a lot.

I thank Lev Haolam and partners with all my heart." - Eden Avieli

"Lev Haolam has truly impacted and influenced my business in the most amazing way. It means a whole lot for me, just thinking back to the time my family was going through a real-life crisis. (Terrorists burned Chanit'as village in an arson attack) After the fire, it was such a blessing to connect with Lev Haolam and their people, their talented team, and my business. This partnership with Lev Haolam has meant the world to me. The collaboration with Lev Haolam was a true miracle in our life for my family and my business. Getting together with Lev Haolam really helped get me back on my feet, meet financial goals, and invest in the well-needed equipment for my growing business. It was truly exciting getting such great feedback from Lev Haolam customers, who contacted me personally to thank me for their fantastic natural orange spray and asked how they could get more.
Thank you, Lev Haolam supporters, for everything. You are a true, ongoing blessing in our life. After the fire, and now, again." - Chanita
You can see that last year we've helped many local family businesses in Judea & Samaria, regions most affected by terror and international boycotts in all of Israel.
Lev Haolam is the fastest-growing pro-Israel movement that supports Jewish farmers, artisans, and families.
Producers receive a large order, complete it, and send the products to Lev Haolam. They become known worldwide and used the received money to hire new employers, buy new equipment, find opportunities to produce and growing more on their land.
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Your money goes directly to people, who are already developing the Land of Israel, working hard and making good quality products. Thats why you will get the satisfaction of knowing that your money directly supports small family-owned businesses.
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