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Add authentic flavors of Israeli cuisine to your regular meals
Delicious Food & Spices
Taste traditional sweets like honey, dates, cookies, chocolate, and more
Organic Sweets, Perfect Tea & Coffee
Touch meaningful artworks from local artisans filled with the spirit of Israel
Original Judaica & Jewelry
Enjoy powerful cosmetics made with unique Israeli herbs and minerals
Exclusive Organic Cosmetics
Decorate your home with impressive ceramics and works of art
Biblically Inspired Ceramics & Housewares

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With the Lev Haolam box you can help hundreds of Israeli artisans fight the boycott and resist unfair sanctions. Every month we place large orders from local small businesses and ship them to pro-Israel supporters around the world! In this way, producers get enough support to earn a living.
Lev Haolam Monthly Box
$99.00 billed monthly
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