What is the real situation in Israel and how can we help it?
Israel is in existential danger right now and I feel an obligation to save the Holy Land for the World. Come to the online meeting and we will analyze main threats to Israel and the actions we can take. Spoiler alert: we have a solution!
Rivkah Naomi Green, Lev Haolam ambassador in Israel
When will it start
At this FREE webinar you will learn:
What is the real situation in Israel
We are going to tell you a different story than you hear in the news. You'll hear true stories of injustice, boycotts, and anti-Semitism that continue to this day.
How to confront injustice most effectively
For any problem, there are many solutions. We have found one that is both most effective and most convenient for all who use it. And we will tell you about it in detail.
Make Israel Prosperous & Feel Connected with it
The solution we're going to talk about not only helps the individual families of Israel, but helps Israel as a whole to thrive and makes you feel like an integral part of it.
Hi I am Rivkah Naomi Green and I have been living in Israel for 11 years now. I moved here from the US because I knew I could be useful to the Jewish people here!
After several years of volunteering for various organizations, I finally found my place at Lev Haolam! I feel blessed to be here, to help the Jewish people and Israel as a whole to prosper. And I want others to feel that same blessing too!
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