Virtual tour to hidden places of Israel
A unique online tour of places in Israel that you won't see anywhere else. You will experience Israel with its real problems, stories of people who work no matter what, and fulfilling the holy plan. You'll see firsthand how the Holy Land is being restored right now. And all this without getting off the couch!
Rivkah Naomi Green, Lev Haolam ambassador in Israel
When will it start
At this FREE webinar you will learn:
What's out there beyond Tel Aviv?
You will see and listen to stories about places that are hidden from tourists. You'll see Israel won't see up close - like no-one else can.
A full range of creations by local artisans
In the Holy Land, there are many wonderful people who work day by day cultivating the Holy Land and creating amazing items - from cosmetics to olive oil. Together we will get to know a few of them better and listen to their stories.
A way for you to become part of the real Israel and connect with it's people
At the end of our journey we will answer the main and exciting question of how to establish constant contact with the Holy Land. The answer will surprise you!
Hi I am Rivkah Naomi Green and I have been living in Israel for 11 years now. I moved here from the US because I knew I could be useful to the Jewish people here!
After several years of volunteering for various organizations, I finally found my place at Lev Haolam! I feel blessed to be here, to help the Jewish people and Israel as a whole to prosper. And I want others to feel that same blessing too!
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