Virtual tour of Israel's hidden places. You will be shocked!
A unique online tour of places in Israel that you won't see anywhere else. At this free event, you'll explore the biblical regions of Judea and Samaria, that are hidden from the eyes of tourists.
Rivkah Naomi Green, Lev Haolam ambassador in Israel
Webinar Program
1.Visit key places described in the Bible and hidden from tourists.
2. Learn what incredible danger people living in the Holy Land face every day.
3. See how faith shapes the lives of people in the Holy Land.
4. Learn how to support the restoration of the Biblical regions of Israel.
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At this FREE webinar you will learn:
What's out there beyond Jerusalem?
You will see and listen to stories about places that are concealed from tourists. You'll see hidden Israel up close - like no-one else can.
Find out what dangers citizens living in these places face.
There are many wonderful people living in these places, working to cultivate the Holy Land. Discover the hardship and danger they face daily.
A way for you to become part of the real Israel and connect with it's people
At the end of our journey we will answer the main and exciting question of how to establish constant contact with the Holy Land. The answer will surprise you!
Hi! I am Rivkah Naomi Green and I have been living in Israel for 11 years now. I moved here from the US because I knew this was where my soul wanted be! As a writer, have been fortunate to travel all of Israel, meeting and telling the stories of the people who are actively redeeming the land! And I can't wait to share it all with you! See you at the webinar!
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