3 ways to help the Jewish people and which one is better? Hidden knowledge from the Bible.
There are many ways to help Israel and its people. But what is the best way to do so? In our search for an answer to this question, we came across 3 specific ways to help those in need. Where? In the Bible, of course! We will share them with you, and together we will figure out which is the best.
Rivkah Naomi Green, Lev Haolam ambassador in Israel
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At this FREE webinar you will learn:
3 practical/specific ways to help the Jewish People.
What the Bible says about the best way to help those in need.
How begin to help the Jewish people in the most significant way possible.
Hi I am Rivkah Naomi Green and I have been living in Israel for 11 years now. I moved here from the US because I knew I could be useful to the Jewish people here!
After several years of volunteering for various organizations, I finally found my place at Lev Haolam! I feel blessed to be here, to help the Jewish people and Israel as a whole to prosper. And I want others to feel that same blessing too!
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