What miracle is happening in Israel and how to become a part of it?
A real miracle is happening in Israel right now - Jews in large numbers are returning to the Holy Land. They are working hard to redeem the land and it is bearing miraculous fruit. I could go on and on...But the big question is, what does this mean for the world? And how do we participate in this truly magical event? We'll break it all down in this FREE webinar! Spoiler alert: the answer will shock you.
Rivkah Naomi Green, Lev Haolam ambassador in Israel
When will it start
At this FREE webinar you will learn:
What Israel-related prophecies are being fulfilled right now.
There are dozens of prophecies in scripture, and right now some of them are being fulfilled in Israel. In this webinar we will talk about each of them in detail.
Who is trying to prevent the prophecies from being fulfilled.
There are people and events that directly prevent prophecies from coming true, can you imagine? We will not only look into this aspect, but will also suggest a solution that will allow the miracle to continue to unfold.
How to become a part of the miracle of Israel.
The most interesting and exciting aspect of a webinar that will give you a clear answer - how to connect with Israel and participate in the miracle that is happening here right now
Hi I am Rivkah Naomi Green and I have been living in Israel for 11 years now. I moved here from the US because I knew I could be useful to the Jewish people here!
After several years of volunteering for various organizations, I finally found my place at Lev Haolam! I feel blessed to be here, to help the Jewish people and Israel as a whole to prosper. And I want others to feel that same blessing too!
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