Be part of Israel
by helping its people!
Get the box full of products
crafted by Israeli artisans.
Be part of Israel
Enjoy the box full of goods crafted by Israeli artisans.
by helping its people!
"A wonderful way to support Israel's hardworking and talented artisans." - Tina Knollman
Lev Haolam Artisan Box
Directly from the Holy Land
Up to 9 unique products every month
Full of traditional Israeli food and authentic crafts
"...assists Israeli small business to connect to lovers of the Jewish state around the world."
"Lev Haolam has been doubling down to support Jewish communities beyond the Green Line."
" with small Jewish businesses, producing uniquely Israeli products, to overcome the boycott."
"...a channel to connect pro-Israel advocates and supporters with Israeli vendors."
as seen in...
We handpick their best quality goods and prepay a big order.
Every month we find Israeli artisans who need support the most.
We get orders from 7-9 artisans, pack them in a box, and ship to you.
What's in the box?
Discover Israel in the Lev Haolam Surprise Box. Up to 9 high-quality handmade items await you, filling you and your home with the atmosphere of the Holy Land.
Israel's heartland boasts some of the finest ceramic artists in Israel. Their work is directly inspired by the Land on which they live.
Lev Haolam gives you access to some of the most beautiful and inspirational jewelry from Israel's heartland.
From kitchen items to house accessories our packages have a beautiful range of housewares.
Lev Haolam includes in its monthly boxes a wide range of wines from Judea and Samaria as well as the Golan and Galilee. Note: We have parcels without alcohol.
From soaps to moisturizers, Lev Haolam cosmetics are made from ingredients with a direct connection to the Holy Land.
Your package will often times have high-quality oil products like Olive or Pomegranate Seed Oil produced in Israel's heartland.
Whether it is honey, date syrup, or chocolate Lev Haolam will always make sure there is something sweet in your package.
Lev Haolam offers a wide range of original Judaica pieces.
what customers say
Wonderful spices, jewelry, delectable snacks, and beautiful books... I could go on and on.
— Linda C. —
Love the idea of helping the people of Israel. Never disappointed in the monthly goodies.
— Pamela D. —
Love these boxes! Something special I share with friends and family. I would highly recommend.
— Cheryl D. —
The box
that helps
Each purchased Lev Haolam Box helps the hardworking Jewish people, who are striving to fulfill the Holy Plan in the Land of Israel.

This is not a donation. This is help! Real help for real people who want to work in their historical homeland and support employees and their families.