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Lev Haolam packages deliberately damaged during shipping: an update
by Helen Mitchell | Feb 25, 2020 | Israel
We recently shared the story of Lev Haolam packages being tampered with during their transit to customers in the US. It was clear from the photos and reports we received from around 100 different subscribers that the damage was significant and must have been due to either extreme negligence or deliberate sabotage, possibly motivated by BDS.

We now want to give you an update on the situation.

It's important to reiterate just how disappointed we were that this situation arose in the first place. We have always been extremely vigilant to ensure the safe arrival of all our packages, and have taken great care to choose the most secure and reputable shipping companies with tracked delivery. So, we are shocked that this type of event could have happened.

Now, in the light of these circumstances, we have added extra levels of control and safeguarding to the shipping process. We are confident that these acts of negligence or sabotage will not be able to happen again, and we want to reassure all of our faithful customers that you will continue to receive your monthly goods intact.

However, we are still committed to finding out exactly what happened to the Lev Haolam packages that were defaced, and for this reason, we are carrying out our own inquiries.

After speaking to the Israeli Postal Service, we are convinced that that the damage could not have occurred in Israel or the packages would have been returned to our warehouse and not loaded on the plane.

We have managed to track the approximate location where the packages were probably harmed - the International Service Center (ISC) in New York. However, despite numerous attempts, we have not been able to make contact with the relevant department at USPS to help us with our inquiry. There has not been any response on the telephone when we have called, and we have received unsatisfactory responses to our emails.

We are determined to get clear answers from the USPS and to make it known that if there is a BDS motivation behind the damage, it will not be tolerated. We believe it is part of our role to stand in the gap for Israel, and to act on behalf of other Israeli producers who may face similar problems with overseas shipments.

Can you help? If you have contacts in the USPS or New York ISC and can help us get the answers we need, we would be very grateful if you would get in touch with us.