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So, now the Jews are to blame for coronavirus?
by Helen Mitchell | August 14, 2020 | Israel

Whenever there's a catastrophe in the world, it doesn't take long for someone to point a finger at the Jews.

The Black Death in the Middle Ages was blamed on the Jews. So was the Great Fire of London in the 1600s. Even the sinking of the Titanic was pinned on the ship's Jewish navigator. After 9/11, stories quickly surfaced saying it was the Jews' fault.

So it's hardly surprising now that these crazy conspiracy theories are rearing their ugly heads again and claiming the Jews are to blame for COVID-19.

There are several different versions of the Jewish coronavirus story. Some say Israel or the Jews deliberately created the virus as a means of world control. Others say they did it to make money out of a vaccine. Or to dominate the Palestinians. But no one really cares about these minor details. The most important thing is that the Jews are to blame.

Iranian medical professor, Dr Ali Karami, recently said on State TV that COVID-19 was a "biological ethnic weapon" specifically designed by the "Americans and Zionist regime" to target Iranian DNA. This, he explained, was why Iran had such a high death rate!
But it's not just radical Muslims who have jumped on to the "blame the Jews for COVID-19" bandwagon. White supremacists and BDS campaigners have been happy to come on board as well.

Ellie Cohanim - US deputy envoy to combat antisemitism - described these conspiracy theories as a modern-day blood libel.

The blood libels were wicked, anti-Semitic lies accusing the Jews of killing Christian children and using their blood to bake unleavened bread at Passover. They were responsible for the torture and death of thousands of Jews across Medieval Europe.

The lies spreading across the world today blaming Jews for coronavirus are no less dangerous. Anti-Semitism has risen by 18% in a year, according to the Kantor Center at Tel Aviv University. And of course, the BDS movement is exploiting this climate of hostility towards the Jews by pushing for more boycotts of Israeli products.

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