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Herbs of Kedem: Growing Biblical Flowers, Creating Unique Healing Products
by Rivki | June 29, 2020 | Producers
"On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abraham and said, "To your descendants I give this land…" Genesis 15:18 Thousands of years later Dr. Amir Kitron, a descendant of Abraham has returned to Judea where he has established his life, and a unique business, Herbs of Kedem.

The Herbs of Kedem factory is nestled high in the Hebron Hills on the Jewish settlement of Carmel, first mentioned in the bible and re-established in 1980. Carmel is now home to Jewish pioneers who are dedicated to living and raising their families in this holy place.

Herbs of Kedem products are like none other the world over. Each product is richly infused with the intoxicating scent of the flowers that grow wild in the Har Hevron area of Israel. Dr. Kitron uses these rare and precious blooms as a basis for the products produced by Herbs of Kedem. All of his creations are made from organically grown plants and are cruelty free, using no animal ingredients. With Herbs of Kedem, like our forefathers, we can also benefit from the healing properties of the flowers mentioned in the bible!
Amir and his wife Yemima knew that they wanted to make a difference in the community by enhancing the lives of those who call the region home. They understood a major challenge faced by settlers is finding meaningful employment. By establishing Herbs of Kedem Amir has been able to strengthen the settlement and create employment opportunities. While his team is small, he has a vision of sustained growth leading to the employment of hundreds of local residents, which certainly will "make the desert rejoice."

In keeping with Torah commandments, his company observes the biblical law of shmita, which means that every seven years the fields rest and all agricultural activity is suspended. This beautiful act of faith shows his trust in God that the yields be abundant and fulfill the needs of the company and preserve the land.

As steward of the land, Amir walks the fertile fields every morning. Opening his day this way is both pleasure and necessity in the region; to ensure that nothing has been intentionally damaged overnight. Guarding the fields and building his company is an investment he makes so that future generations will grow up under the same sun, on the same soil that Abraham raised his family.

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