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Rozalia Granola: Love and Faith are the Main Ingredients
by Leah Hartman | September 13, 2020 | Producers
The story of Hannah and Netanel Agivim's delicious granola is one of faith and grit in overcoming challenges. It begins with Hannah's grandmother, a Holocaust survivor who maintained faith and love and taught Hannah the value of caring for family, and continues to this day, even after a fire that burnt down the professional kitchen they built with their own hands.

Hannah began making and selling baked goods many years ago when she was at home with her young children – something she says was always a priority for her. Eventually, Natanel joined her, even though, Hannah says with a laugh, "At first he didn't even know how to make an omelet! But now he runs circles around me in the kitchen!"

The couple owns a little trailer kitchen outside of their home in Israel's Jordan Valley where they've lived for many years, and from here they provided catering to customers all over Israel, and in addition make all the baked goods for the coffee shop they run, named for Hannah's grandmother Rozie.
"My grandmother was an incredibly positive woman, full of faith, who had an incredible inner strength and used that strength to care for her family. She loved her grandchildren has always been my inspiration,"
Hannah exudes this inspiration to all visitors to her coffee shop and all in her life, and she maintained it even in the face of incredible challenge: six months after the couple opened their coffee shop, their original "trailer-kitchen" burnt down.

Hannah says of this incident that she held deep faith in God and saw clearly how He watched over her and her family. Within three days of the fire, her extended family and friends had donated all the equipment they needed to begin working out of their home kitchen so they could keep their business running, and within six months they had built a new kitchen on their own property from donations their friends had collected, a kitchen that has recently produced lots of granola for Lev Haolam!

Concludes Hannah, "We always make our granola, which we normally just serve in our coffee shop, with the best of ingredients and with lots of love! We're thrilled to be able to share it with Lev Haolam's customers."

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