Meet ceramicist Batya Erdstein, who puts love into every product!

From the Samarian Hills of Itamar, Batya Erdstein channels all her energies into her pottery kiln, producing a stunning variety of ceramic pieces with designs inspired by the Bible and the Land of Israel.

Batya Erdstein gave up a life of comfort to move to the Holy Land and lay roots in the soil of the Biblical heartlands of Samaria. It is from here that she found her passion and skill at the pottery kiln, from where she produces her exquisite collection of ceramics that showcases her deep connection to the Land and the Bible for those fortunate enough to receive them!

Batya has been working with Lev Haolam for many years, and we are proud to consider Batya, her husband Baruch, and their children our partners. She is a true pioneer, and her ceramics business not only benefits her family but also significantly contributes to the development of her beautiful community of Itamar in the Samaria region.

Meet Batya, a ceramist who puts all her love into her products.

Originally from San Diego, California, Batya's original career choice was quite a different one from that of a ceramicist. Back in the US, she was a nurse, earning a nice salary and enjoying a pleasant, if not very fulfilling, life. However, Batya has always been a very spiritual person, deeply connected to Judaism and the Holy Land. So she took the big decision to move to Israel, and especially Samaria, where she could feel the deep connection with our Biblical ancestors, who lived and tread these lands.

In her own words, Batya believes that "being here (In Israel) is our duty as Jews, and I’m willing to put my life on the line to live here." And that is exactly what she did. Along with her husband Baruch and their children, they found their home in the community of Itamar. Although she originally studied midwifery, she notes that in the Bible, the place where a woman gives birth is called an "ovnaim", which is actually the same word for a pottery wheel! So, the two fields of midwifery and pottery making are deeply intertwined, which probably explains why Batya is talented at creating her ceramics!

The beautiful community of Itamar gets its name from the high priest Itamar Ben Aharon, who, according to tradition, is buried in the nearby village of Awarta.

The beautiful community of Itamar gets its name from the high priest Itamar Ben Aharon, who, according to tradition, is buried in the nearby village of Awarta. Itamar was the son of the first high priest, Aaron, the brother of Moses. The community is set up high on a hilltop, which features beautiful panoramic views of the Land of Israel and the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, where Itamar is based. This stunning setting and the hills of Samaria not only inspire her but also connect her directly to the Bible. This is, after all, the region where archeological evidence of an illustrious Biblical past reveals itself wherever you go. In fact, Batya has even found old shards of ancient pottery pieces, which helps her connect to the Biblical past! This is also the region of ancient Beit El, the location where our forefather Jacob had his vision of God. Samaria is known for its lush green nature and is one of the most beautiful regions in the entire Land of Israel!

Batya infuses her ceramic works with influences taken from the Bible and the Holy Land.

One of her most popular ranges is a collection of ceramics made for fine dining, based on two themes, one the Seven Species and the other, the pomegranate and olive.

Both collections have deep roots in Israel and Judaism. The seven species are native to the Land, while pomegranates and olives represent fertility and good merits. Olive oil was used for the Temple service and other important activities. Even stepping a few meters outside her home inspires Batya, such as the little flowers she picks and presses into some of her clay products.

Whether a stunning handcrafted jug with beautiful designs for storing olive oil or flowers or Kiddush Cups and saucers with which to sanctify the Shabbat, Batya always tries to share the beauty and connection from Israel with all those who receive and use her ceramic products!

For Batya, the impact of working with Lev Haolam has been life-changing, allowing her to turn her small business into a big success!

Thanks to the subscribers to our monthly packages, she has had some of the biggest orders she could ever have dreamed of for thousands of ceramic pieces instead of tens. And each time, she has lived up to the challenge, putting all her love for Israel and dedication to her craft to produce stunning products infused with love for those she is making them for!
Batya Erdstein is just one of many artisans who live and work in the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria. Many have chosen the path of the pioneers, living in the small communities across this region. They've given up a life of comfort and material success to toil in the Holy Land and contribute to the development of regions filled with significant Biblical history. Every ceramic piece that Batya produces and sells gives her more funds to expand her business and make a valuable contribution to the development of Itamar and the Jewish presence in Samaria. And it's not just in Samaria; in Judea, the Galilee, Golan Heights, Jerusalem, Southern Israel, and the rest of the Holy Land, thousands of small businesses are producing items proudly made 100% in Israel and together with Lev Haolam are sharing their love and connection with those who want to feel the love and show their support for the Holy Land.

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