We are Lev Haolam. And we bring the love of the Holy Land to millions of homes around the world!

Since we began, we've made it our mission to share the love of Israel through our surprise packages containing the finest produce of the Holy Land!
Welcome to Lev Haolam. Your journey to the Holy Land begins here! Wherever you are in the world, you can make a deep and meaningful connection with the Holy Land through our beautiful surprise packages containing products infused with the goodness of the Land and the love of the artisans who made them!
We are dedicated to bringing you genuine experiences of Israel through various products made with love by the most talented pioneers in the Land! Since 2014, over 30,000 people have felt the joy of Israel through the products included in our monthly packages, which delight the body, mind, and soul!
For those looking for a unique way to support the Holy Land and feel its love, there is no better way than by helping small businesses based in the Biblical Heartlands of Judea and Samaria, The Golan Heights Galilee, and the rest of the Land. Through each product you enjoy, whether a fine Israeli wine, an olive oil-infused handmade soap, or a ceramic vase with designs inspired by the beauty of the Land, each artisan is receiving a vital economic boost, enabling them to provide for their families, employees and keep their businesses going, which contributes to the rejuvenation of the Holy Land in areas filled with rich biblical history!

With Lev Haolam, a deep and meaningful connection with Israel is a reality!

Since we began, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing the love of the Holy Land directly to those who want to support and create a deep and inspiring relationship with Israel and its people. We are proud to have reached 30,000 members worldwide who have experienced the beauty of Israel through our surprise packages containing unique, handmade products made with love by the pioneers of the Holy Land!
Being so far away, it can be hard to truly experience the holiness, beauty, and magic of Israel. Yet that is exactly what our team, who live and breathe all things Israel, works so hard to provide for our incredible subscribers! With our deep knowledge of the Land and the Bible, we seek out and find the pioneers who produce some of Israel's finest products which we then order and share with subscribers to our monthly packages!
We already know that our existing subscribers love and appreciate the products they receive, and we've succeeded in sending out over 1,380,000 packages since we began, receiving over 1,300 positive reviews on Trustpilot!
With so many packages going to so many locations around the world, on rare occasions, there might be some technical issues. When that happens, our wonderful support team works to resolve the issues as quickly as possible to ensure our dear supporters are completely satisfied!

Creating new connections between Israel's pioneers and supporters every month!

We're all about creating lasting and meaningful relationships between the pioneers of Israel and those worldwide for whom the Holy Land holds a special place in their hearts!
We do it through our unique monthly packages containing the fruits of the pioneer's love and labor! Every package is curated to take the recipient on a memorable journey of the Holy Land or the Bible through the 7-9 products closely connected to these themes. In any single package, you could discover a fine wine, made in a vineyard located in a region where winemaking existed during Temple Times, bite into a boutique chocolate bar created in the Mount Hebron region where our forefathers and foremothers watch over us, or appreciate the craftsmanship of a beautiful ceramic vase which has been handmade by an artisan inspired by the landscape of the Holy Land!

Every product we send is infused with the love and dedication of Israel's pioneers!

Our boxes contain products specifically chosen for their ability to bring joy and happiness from the Holy Land to those receiving them. We have the privilege of working with hundreds of Israel's most talented pioneers and producers, who make a huge variety of products across a range of categories designed to give users a genuine experience of the goodness that the Land of Israel has to offer! From delicious Israeli foodstuffs to wines and pure olive and pomegranate oils, creams and cosmetics containing the healing ingredients of the Holy Land to original ceramics, jewelry, art, Judaica, and more, there is so much love in every box! Discover some of our products and producers!

Food & Drink

Did someone say Israeli coffee?! AgroCafe is a boutique company founded by Hanan Elkayam and operates out of the community of Srigim Li-On in the Elah Valley, the scene where David defeated the Giant Goliath! From here, Hanan roasts and packs his unique brand of coffee, which is well-loved by Israelis all over the country! From award-winning wines to pure pomegranate and olive oils, delightful snacks and fruit and nut mixes, to cookies, grassini, and aromatic spice blends, you'll find all the ingredients and food products for your Israeli-style pantry right here!


From stunning silver Shabbat candlesticks to Passover Seder Plates, beautiful metal Chanukiahs to light your Chanukah candles, and beautifully illustrated Ketubot (a Jewish marriage document now traditionally hung in the home) designed by artists such as Noa Attias, you will find a huge collection of unique Judaica at Lev Haolam!


From a necklace containing a beautifully intricate map of the Holy Land to a pendant featuring soil gathered from across Israel, here you will find the most exquisite array of jewelry inspired by the Land of Israel and Jewish themes. One of the many talented jewelry makers we work with is Hadas Koka, who produces a wonderful collection of jewelry pieces, among them necklaces and earrings, into which she always manages to weave some of the beauty of the Holy Land!


Discover the healing properties of the Holy Land with our exclusive collection of organic cosmetics and creams containing ingredients derived from the herbs, minerals, and plant life found in the nature of Israel! We love the olive oil-infused soaps and cosmetics produced by Shlomo Keshet at Adva Natural Treasures, who put his years of experience in the olive oil industry to produce his own line of olive oil-inspired cosmetics that revitalize the skin and leave it smelling heavenly!

Ceramics and art

From ceramic vases to pomegranate dishes and dinner sets, you can find some of the finest ceramic art pieces here in Israel! One of the many ceramicists we work with is Batya Erdstein, who crafts a variety of wonderful ceramic pieces from her design studio in the beautiful community of Itamar in the hills of Samaria! And for those who are inspired by art featuring Biblical influences, you will be spoilt for choice; whether it is the Biblical paintings by Leah Tal of Jerusalem, Jean-Pierre Weill's 3D Glasswork art pieces, or Avshalom Lipman's stunning depictions of King David, there is a piece of art waiting to adorn your wall!

From our village of Kfar Etzion to your home, this is where the journey begins!

From our offices and warehouse in the beautiful green surroundings of Kfar Etzion, we set out across the Holy Land to meet the pioneers who produce the products that bring so much joy and happiness to the subscribers of our monthly packages!
Once we've met the pioneers and placed orders for their products, then the fun begins! Our busy warehouse team is always accepting deliveries of new products, and then it's on to the prepping and packing of our packages! Each item is carefully wrapped and packed to provide a unique unboxing experience for recipients. The cherry on top is our monthly magazine, containing fascinating content about the Holy Land and its pioneers. From the team that curates your boxes to the warehouse crew that puts the physical products together and our customer support team, Lev Haoalam is with you from the beginning of the journey to the delivery of a box of love from Israel to your home!

Want to know what it's like at Lev Haoalam?

Come inside our warehouse for a little tour with our very own Rivki Green and see how our monthly surprise packages come together!
Wherever you are, with Lev Haolam, you can feel the love from the hundreds of Jewish pioneers we have partnered with.
It gives us so much pleasure to see how many people around the world want to support the small businesses of the Holy Land and play a part in the development of the Biblical Heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Golan Height, Galilee, and the rest of the land. The pioneers live in small communities, many far away from the major population centers of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Here, in the regions rich in biblical history, they harness the pioneering spirit of their forefathers and foremothers to build homes, plant vineyards, olive groves, and farms, and develop the land and their communities. Every time one of these producers' original products is included in a surprise package, the producers can continue their mission of revitalizing the holy land and bringing life and rejuvenation back to regions that have remained barren with untapped potential for thousands of years. Now, the Land of Milk and Honey is flowing once again!

With our surprise boxes, you are in for a treat from the Holy Land every month!

With exclusive access to thousands of wonderful original Israeli products, we put our knowledge of the Bible and the Land of Israel to use and curate a surprise package of products to give you a unique experience of the Holy Land through the products. Did you know that each product you use and benefit from provides vital support to each pioneer? With 7-9 items in each box, that means you are supporting hundreds of people every month!
While the regular price of each package may be $99, you are getting a range of products worth so much more! In both monetary and sentimental value!
Each product has been made with deep appreciation and eternal gratitude by the pioneers for your support of their small businesses. When they spend hours at the pottery wheel, toil under the Middle-Eastern sun to ensure that only the choicest grapes will be used for their wines, and sit in their labs to produce a pomegranate-infused serum that is a joy for both the skin and the soul, they have in mind the people that they dearly cherish and love, YOU!

Here's what you get for only $99 a month!

•A surprise package of 7 to 9 exclusive products PLUS an accompanying magazine featuring fascinating Israel content and interviews with the pioneers.
•You are directly supporting small businesses and helping them provide for their families!
•VIP access to the Lev Haolam community, where you can share experiences and get inspiration!
•Feel that you are part of a wider community contributing to the rejuvenation of the Holy Land.
•Experience the genuine love of Israel and its pioneers!
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