Shiloh – A Spiritual Time Capsule

Have you ever thought about how the Jewish people is God’s living time capsule? When we read about the patriarchs, judges and kingdom years in Israel, we are reading about events that took place thousands of years ago. So much time has passed that all people groups from those ancient eras have disappeared, save one. Only the Jewish people have an unbroken historical identity that survives to this day. It’s remarkable when you think of it. We know this because the Bible is a time capsule that allows us to connect with what happened those thousands of years ago.

One item God put in this time capsule is Shiloh. For hundreds of years, after the conquest of the land and before Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, the Hebrew Tabernacle resided in Shiloh and was the divine portal to commune with the Creator. Shiloh is where Hannah urgently and insistently entreated her Lord for the blessing of bearing a child, and where God granted her request. Shiloh is where Hannah’s son Samuel, the last great judge of Israel, grew up and where he first heard the voice of the Lord. We know and believe this because of what was recorded in Scripture, but isn’t it amazing that locations and archeological excavations give support to this? Even more exciting is the fact that the Jewish people have now returned, standing on the promise given by God.
While Shiloh today is more of a historical site than a spiritual center, it does hold a new piece of the time capsule: Hebrew agriculture.
Ahiya Farm is one of the signs that the Jewish people have returned to the land promised to their forefather Abraham. The olive trees and the rich olive oil that Ahiya Farm produces is no random business enterprise. The large areas with olive trees and vineyards are cultivated with a keen awareness of love and purpose to build the Land of Israel through revived Hebrew agriculture. Fittingly, Ahiya Farm is known for having one of the largest olive oil presses in Israel, just as old olive presses have been unearthed at the archeological site at Tel Shiloh. Through Lev HaOlam, you can be part of the vision for Hebrew agriculture in the Land of Israel, and your support will have a direct impact on continuing the living history of the Jewish people.

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