Supporting Israel in the good times, and the hard times.

Ever since the attacks on Oct 7, 2023, the people of Israel have been at war. Many small businesses have been struggling to stay afloat, and we are determined to help them get through these tough times!
Whether it was BDS, the pandemic, or war, we have always made it our mission to help Israel’s small businesses not just to survive, but thrive!

When the war began, over 350,000 people were mobilized to serve on the frontlines, both in Gaza in the south and at the Lebanese border in the north. Among them were many of the pioneers we work with from the communities of the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Galilee, and Golan Heights. Whether it was the owners, their employees, or suppliers, it left those remaining behind in very difficult circumstances.

With their husbands at war, wives had to balance childcare (schools were shut due to security threats), with providing support to evacuees from the frontlines and doing what they could to help the soldiers and secure the homefront. And they still had to try and keep their small businesses going. Facing logistical issues that affected both the supply and delivery chains, plus a shortage of workforce and lack of local customers, the threat to their businesses was very real.

We know how hard these pioneers have worked to make their small businesses succeed and to think that their main source of income should disappear while they are fighting for their lives is unthinkable. Even at Lev Haolam, three of our brave team members were called up to serve in the IDF, so we understand the challenges facing many of these small businesses.

What could we do to help them?

Firstly we got in touch with the pioneers to find out how the war had affected them personally, to see what impact it had on their businesses, and what we could do to help. For many, they just asked that people who love Israel pray for them! From a business perspective, they simply said that any order of their products would give them much-needed breathing room until they managed to get their businesses back on track.

The orders we made on behalf of our subscribers were literally life-changing for these pioneers, giving them renewed energy to overcome the challenges they are facing and the hope that better times are right around the corner!

We also knew that subscribers wanted to take an even more active part in showing their love for the pioneers and the brave soldiers on the front lines! So aside from the endless love and messages that subscribers sent to the pioneers, we also set up a special project to share their love with the soldiers on the frontlines!
On numerous occasions, we filled our cars to the max with hundreds of piping hot smoked meat sandwiches, printed letters of support and love from the subscribers, and multi-tool kits to give to the soldiers. We then took a drive down to southern Israel where we delivered them personally to the soldiers on base. Reading the heartfelt messages from people living thousands of miles away, along with the delicious food, we could see that these brave warriors were genuinely touched by the warmth and generosity of our subscribers! We were so glad to see the impact Lev Haolam’s wonderful family of supporters is having on the pioneers, the soldiers, and all the people in Israel as we fight through the most difficult times of our lives.
In the good times and the bad, it is the subscribers of our monthly packages who have helped our pioneers keep going, through their subscriptions and the products they receive each month. Especially during times of war, when the pioneers and the people are focused on helping one another and trying to keep strong, the support of their businesses is so crucial.

Every product they sell enables them to provide for their families, pay their bills, keep employing people, continue offering vital support to bereaved families, and provide shelter to the evacuees. The impact of Lev Haolam’s subscribers is too great to measure. We are certain that when the time comes, and peace is found in the Holy Land once again, there will be hundreds of pioneers waiting to welcome our subscribers into their homes and communities to show their deep appreciation for their support!

Surprise boxes aren't just a fantastic way to show support for Israel; they're also a unique way to experience the Holy Land like never before.

With so many wonderful products from the Holy Land to choose from, our dedicated team will craft the perfect package containing a wonderful variety of items for you and your family to enjoy every month!
At Lev Haolam, our mission is to bring Israel closer to all those around the world who yearn to do so. Ever since we began, we are proud to have sent over 1 million monthly surprise packages containing the finest produce of the Holy Land to over 30,000 members!

The Holy Land is at the beating heart of all that we do. We literally live and breathe Israel and the Bible!

From our location in Kfar Etzion, just south of Jerusalem, we set out across the Land, meeting hundreds of pioneers who live in the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Galilee and Golan heights and getting to know their families, their small businesses and the wonderful communities they live in.

With this knowledge and our close relationships with the pioneers of Israel, who are some of the most talented in the land, we know which products are guaranteed to bring joy and happiness to our subscribers. Our aim is for them to literally feel the love from Israel and the pioneers! 1,500+ positive reviews on Trustpilot and the wonderful messages we received directly from delighted subscribers, also via Facebook, give us the motivation to do even better than before!
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