Get a sweet taste of the Land of Milk and Honey with Negohot Honey!

Across the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, and Galilee, there are hundreds of producers harnessing the pioneering spirit of their ancestors, like our friends at Negohot Honey!
Baruch and Shimrit Foychtvanger have taken a long, and sometimes painful journey to get where they are today. This inspiring family has risen from the tragedy of being expelled from their beautiful home in the community of Shirat Hayam (Song of the Sea), which was destroyed in the disengagement from Gaza in 2015. to becoming one of Israel's most loved honey producers! For years, they tried to find a place to restart their dream of connecting with and developing the land of their ancestors. It was in the Jewish community of Negohot in the Hebron Hills where they would find their home once again.

The Story of the Fochtvanger Family

Baruch and Shimrit settled in Negohot after a soul crushing experience of being expelled from their home, Shirat Hayam (Song of the Sea) in Gush Katif (now Gaza) in a “land for peace” deal. Following this harrowing experience they began a search for a new place to call home, a place that they could once again, put down their Jewish roots in Jewish soil. After spending time in different communities they discovered Negohot and knew that they were home.
Shimrit and Baruch are religious Jews and it was important to them that they raise their family with a strong connection to the land. They too wanted to continue developing the Land of their ancestors and to be part of the resurrection of the land, playing their part in making the desert bloom.


Once they had settled in their new home they established their business and Baruch set up his apiary and was once again harvesting the sweetest 100% pure honey. The Land seemed to welcome the family and the name Negohot has become synonymous with excellence. Their honey is regarded as one of the best in Israel!
In addition to honey Baruch and Shimrit have expanded their business and are producing delicious honey beer and honey based cosmetics.Each product, with signature Negohot superb quality.
Everything that they make begins with the honey that Baruch is able to harvest. Baruch has been studying the art of beekeeping since childhood. His father was a honey producer for over 50 years and he shared with his son the secrets that one can only learn through working the land and spending time with the hives.
fter high school Baruch studied agriculture and has developed a specific approach to his hives. He moves his hives across the land to take advantage of the plants blooming at particular times and in this way he is able to harvest unique and delicious honey while also positively impacting the land by supporting pollination of the trees and flowers.

During the course of the year he is able to collect citrus flower honey, wildflower honey, dandelion honey and many more. He recently partnered with Dr. Yehoshua Maor to create a honey-based supplement designed to support overall health!

With the relationship with Lev Haolam Shimrit finally had the right circumstances to develop her honey based skincare. Shimrit invested her time, knowledge and soul into creating Yaara skincare from Negohot. Her anti-aging face and eye cream have become Lev Haolam favorites!

In addition to skincare and honey, Baruch has explored his passion further by creating honey beer, much in the same fashion as was created in the Land of Israel thousands of years ago. His delicious beers are carefully crafted and include his 100% pure Israeli honey.

Lev Haolam is so proud to partner with this dynamic family who are invested in developing the Land of Israel and creating employment opportunities for others. You can find a collection of their best honey, skincare and beer in the Lev Haolam online store and join us in supporting this precious family.
As you can tell from the story of Negohot's Baruch and Shimirit, Israel's pioneers are some of the most resilient, humble and most dedicated people we have ever met! No matter where they find themselves in the Holy Land, or what challenges they may face, they take inspiration from living in the land of their biblical ancestors and their strong faith to produce items with a quality unmatched anywhere else! Perhaps this is why Israel's products are so well-loved by thousands of people worldwide. Israel is known as a Land flowing with milk and honey, and thanks to Negohot's love and dedication, the honey is as sweet as they come! People love their honey-infused products, which are a treat for both the tastebuds and the skin, and many subscribers to Lev Haolam's monthly packages have had the opportunity to sample an exclusive selection of Negohot's finest products!

Wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy the goodness of the Land of milk and honey!

We are proud to work with hundreds of talented artisans and small business owners who live in the beautiful communities across the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Galilee, and the Golan Heights.
This relationship enables us to share Israel's wonderful produce, such as Negohot's honey, with subscribers, taking them on their own personal tour across the Holy Land from the comfort of their homes! Along with the accompanying magazine featuring exclusive interviews and profiles on the people behind the products, plus updates on our social channels and exclusive members-only content, this is how you get to know Israel like never before! Each product is the pioneer's way of showing subscribers their deepest gratitude and appreciation. The impact is tremendous as it enables people like Baruch and Shimrit to provide for their families, offer meaningful employment to others, and contribute to the development of their wonderful communities. What this means, in essence, is that every subscriber is playing an active part in revitalizing the Biblical heartlands of Israel!