Take a journey through 2023's surprise packages!

A look back at our year of themed packages. Meet the producers and marvel at the wonderful products they made in Israel for our beloved subscribers in 2023!

In 2023 we sent out tens of thousands of our beautifully crafted surprise packages to subscribers worldwide. Inside were a huge variety of the finest products Israel's pioneers and small business owners had to offer. There was so much to enjoy and inspire, and then in October, following one of the darkest days in the history of the Jewish people, we had to put our plans on hold.
As hundreds of thousands were mobilized to the frontlines (among them many of Lev Haolam's partner producers, their family members, and our own staff), those remaining of our team rushed to put together an 'emergency package', the Am Israeli Chai box, to replace the one scheduled to go out that very month.
2023 was a difficult year for the people of Israel and supporters around the world. However, out of the dark, came much light, as everybody stood together to support one another. Subscribers sent messages of encouragement to Israel's pioneers and helped to keep their businesses afloat in the hardest of times.
In 2024, we are going to help them not just recover but grow to be bigger and more successful than ever before! AM ISRAEL CHAI! The people of Israel live!

Our Favourite Boxes of 2023

These were the boxes that took our subscribers on a journey of emotions, in which their relationship with Israel was strengthened. The products brought Israel and its pioneers directly into the homes and hearts of subscribers around the world.

The Creation Box

A package in honor of the creation of the world, the Creation package was designed to commemorate the seven days of creation through seven symbolic products, created with love in the Holy Land. On Day one, God created light, and so can you with these beautifully decorative candles by Safed candles. On Day Two the waters were split to create the sea and the sky, and this Sky Blue Gin is Olgar Distillery's testament to it. Day Three was when the trees and plant life were created and Hamama in the City's candied nuts represented the bounty of goodness that grows there. Blue Clay's day and night creams are reflective of the light of the sun and the small light of the moon on Day Four. On Day Five the fowl and fish were created, so we included a wonderful spice mix by Judean Spices to marinade fish and chicken! On Day Six, God created man in his own image, and as a tribute to this reflection, the team at Touchwood Design has produced a beautiful mirror to see the goodness within ourselves. In honor of the Seventh Day, Shabbat, there is a special booklet by Yerimiyahu Amster, a talented graphic artist who designed it with his special touch. Completing the creation package is an incredible video by Sheli Ben Nun who tells the story of creation using sand art.

The Seven Species of the Land Box

“A land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees and pomegranates;
a land of olive oil and honey (Deut. 8:8)."
This package demonstrates the goodness of the land, produced by the pioneers of the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria. Wheat is represented by Offeh's delicious breadsticks which go perfectly with cheeses or dipped in oil. The vine is in the form of raisins, produced by Elah Valley Raisins. Olive oil is as pure as they come with Extra virgin Olive Oil from Carma Olive Oil, owned by Boaz Ido. The health benefits of both figs and pomegranates have been utilized in Even Odems organic serums and face masks. Along with a chocolate from Beit Hashaked, to represent the sweetness of the Land is a beautiful table runner which has been designed with the theme of the Seven Species, by Inbal Even, a wonderfully talented Israeli designer.

Am Israel Chai Box

When the war began in October, the people of Israel rushed to fight on the frontlines of Gaza and the Lebanese border. Those remaining did all they could to support the hundreds of thousands evacuated from the danger zones and the families of those called up to serve. With such a difficult situation, we realized we couldn't send out our scheduled package. So we rushed to put together a meaningful package that would enable those around the world to support Israel in its hardest times. So, with a magazine featuring photos by a war photographer embedded within the IDF, prayer cards, a candle to light, a large Israeli flag, and more, this package enabled subscribers to show their solidarity with the pioneers and people in the Holy Land and say together, AM ISRAEL CHAI!

Throughout the year, we worked with hundreds of wonderful Israeli pioneers and small business owners who live in communities across Biblical Judea and Samaria, Galilee, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, and the rest of the Holy Land. From winemakers to olive oil producers, boutique chocolate makers to jewelry and Judaica designers, cosmeticians, and farmers, we discover so many of their wonderful products to share with our subscribers around the world.

And even when the war began following the horrific terror attacks by Hamas, and Israel began to fight back, our producers kept producing. Facing staff shortages, rocket and security threats, and logistical issues, they kept going, for their families, for subscribers, for Israel! As the slogan goes, Am Israel Chai! The people of Israel live!

All our products have been 100% made in Israel by the artisans of the Holy Land, giving subscribers an authentic Israeli experience!

Many of the products we share with subscribers to our monthly surprise packages have been handmade by artisans living across the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria. From jewelry to ceramics, Judaica to art pieces, and so much more, the products are the result of hours of toil and hard work! Through the products, subscribers can connect to regions filled with rich biblical history. From Shilo to Beit El, to Jerusalem and Herbon, these artisans are harnessing the pioneering spirit of their ancestors to make these lands flourish once again!
The Lev Haolam offices and warehouse are located in Kfar Etzion, part of the Gush Ezion bloc just south of Jerusalem. From here, our team set out across the land to meet and discover the pioneers their products, and the communities they live in. We live and breathe the Bible and the Land of Israel and explore it every chance we get. We are proud to bring the love of Israel into the homes of tens of thousands of people around the world every month!
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