Uncover the magical fragrance of Perfumes Itamar!

Perfumes Itamar is a unique, all-natural boutique cosmetics company located in the remote hills of Itamar in Samaria. Inspired by the land and the Bible, owner Shimon Barda creates one-of-a-kind formals that Lev Haolam supporters love!
Shimon Barda’s journey began in France, where he lived with his family. After graduating from university, where he studied Mathematics and Sciences, including Botany and Chemistry, he joined his family-owned fashion business. While he loved working with family and fashion, his work days were growing longer and more stressful, and he could not be the husband and father he wished to be.

One day after returning home from a particularly grueling day, he felt the pain of not being present with his family and started asking himself what he most wanted from life.

He surprised himself and his secular Jewish family by deciding to make aliyah and move his family to Israel. They arrived in 1978 and established their home in Galilee. There, Shimon and his family connected deeply with their Jewish heritage and, within a month, started keeping Shabbat and became religiously observant!
In 1984, he and six other families moved to Itamar to settle the land and reintroduce a Jewish presence there. He dreamt of providing a livelihood and economic independence for people in the area, and that’s where the story of Perfumes Itamar begins.

When Shimon and his family arrived in Itamar, it was a bare hilltop with stunning views of Samaria and little else. The families who settled in Itamar faced multiple challenges, from security to lack of infrastructure and jobs. Shimon and others worked odd jobs and often traveled great distances to find employment.

After some years of living in Itamar, Shimon felt the whisper of his calling. Inspired by his location close to the Mountain of Blessing, in 1993, he established Perfumes Itamar. Shimon's goal with Perfumes Itamar was to return to Israel's biblical roots and prepare perfume using only natural ingredients.

He began by researching and developing the various elements that formed the incense the High Priest used in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. It so happens that his community is named after Itamar, the son of Aaron, the High Priest and brother of Moses, whose burial place is on the Mountain of Blessings! When Shimon presented the idea to his rabbi, he was advised that the time was not opportune for his incense.

Undaunted, he turned his eye to creating cosmetics for daily use. In an interesting full circle, he was able to utilize his background in Botany and Chemistry!
Shimon initially explored the flora around his home in Samaria and identified plants that offered healing and skin-caring benefits. He researched the properties of hundreds of plants before setting up his lab adjacent to his modest home.

Against all odds, he developed his own unique and proprietary formulas for face and body creams, deodorants, serums, and perfumes.

Each product used only natural ingredients without preservatives, aluminum, or artificial coloring. Since all the ingredients are natural, the oils need to be blended in precisely the correct order, and everything must be hermetically sealed.
Shimon developed a brand-new type of airless packaging to preserve the quality of his unique and effective skincare. The face creams are presented in a special jar where the user does not need to open the lid, only to press on it to dispense the product gently. Not putting one's finger repeatedly into the jar eliminates exposure of the cream to bacteria and extends the product's life.
From the start, Perfumes Itamar has been a family business, with Shimon's wife Sarah and his sons Avi and Yochanan taking on more prominent roles as they grew up.
Shimon is responsible for producing the products, with his sons following his lead. Sara is the sales representative and does most of the boxing inside the family home. When not helping with packaging, she travels to local Israeli fairs where regular customers eagerly await her arrival!

While their products have US FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approval to sell to the United States of America, they don't sell through stores because that would significantly and prohibitively increase production costs.

The family especially loves it when customers from Israel and abroad visit Itamar and purchase from the small shop in front of the lab. He does have a website but explained that he and his family sincerely prefer personal encounters with the people who love his products. It is a highlight when Lev Haolam members from around the world stop by to see him in Itamar!

Shimon has been connected with Lev Haolam since its inception.

For nearly ten years, his small business has received support from Lev Haolam members receiving surprise packages. It has meant that Shimon has been able to invest in new and better equipment and to develop new exciting formulas.
The success of Perfumes Itamar has had a profound effect on Shimon's community. Itamar is now home to over a thousand people, and Shimon is grateful that his dream of settling and developing the Holy Land, of sharing its bounty and love, has become a reality!

Come and explore the products of Israel’s talented artisans!

For those who want to support the Holy Land, a donation is a lovely way to do so, but the question is, does it go as far as you would want? After all, you donate the money, it gets spent and that’s it!
With Lev Haolam however, you directly support Israel and its pioneers, not with charity, but with an investment into their small businesses.

It enables us to place significant orders for their finest products, helping them provide for their families, employ staff, and expand their businesses, contributing greatly to their communities across the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria!

Every month you will receive 7-9 original products made by the pioneers exclusively for you with love, care, and dedication. When you read the accompanying magazine with profiles and fascinating interviews with the pioneers behind the products, you will come to cherish and appreciate them even more!