You achieve the strongest bond with Israel, regardless of any distance. 

Wherever you are in the world, you can achieve a close bond with the Holy Land through our monthly packages. Enjoy your very own mini tour of Israel as you experience the 7-9 unique products inside, produced by pioneers living across the beautiful Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria, the Galilee, and Golan Heights. Every item has been made by the pioneers who are producing their finest work, in deep gratitude for your support! Along with the accompanying magazine which features in-depth content about Israel, and interviews with the pioneers, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Holy Land and the people whom you are supporting, so that when you visit, you will feel you have returned home as the pioneers wait for you with open arms!

How do we support small businesses in Israel? With your help!

No matter where you are in the world, you can play an active part in supporting hundreds of pioneers and small business owners across the Holy Land! Your subscription enables us to make significant orders for the wonderful products of these talented artisans, giving them a vital economic boost to their business and giving us access to a whole variety of Israeli products to share with you! From fine wines, pure olive oils, delicious snacks, fruits, and nuts, to jewelry, Judaica, and more, we’re bringing the best of Israel directly to you!

Lev Haolam’s unique subscription model enables us to place large orders with Jewish pioneers across the Biblical heartlands and make a BIG difference to their lives. And nothing happens without YOU!

Here’s how you help us support the pioneers of the Holy Land!

1: Subscribe Now and make an immediate impact! In just a few quick steps and with some basic information, your registration will be ready and your subscription up and running!

2: The search for the products begins! We gather the funds from all the subscriptions and head out across the Holy Land in search of the talented Jewish pioneers and small business owners who make wonderful products and could use a financial boost to their businesses!

3: Will our subscribers LOVE these products? Yes! We visit every single one of the pioneers we work with. We meet their families, tour their communities, and learn about their businesses, their products, and the challenges they face.

4: Once we know that the products the pioneers offer are of a quality and standard which will delight our subscribers, we place a significant order with them! The pioneers then get to the hard work of fulfilling their order, filled with gratitude and excitement to know they are making products for people who love and support them around the world.

5: Get packing! As soon as the orders are delivered to the Lev Haolam warehouse in Kfar Etzion, we begin preparing the monthly packages which are carefully packaged and beautifully presented.

6: Time to ship! Thousands of packages are then loaded up and taken to delivery points across Israel from where they will make their way to the homes of our wonderful subscribers in over 100 countries around the world. The first box usually takes 1-3 weeks to arrive, and you can look forward to future packages all arriving in a similar time frame!

7: Open, unbox, and enjoy! The moment has arrived and now it’s time to gather your family around as you unveil your monthly box from Lev Haolam. Read the magazine inside which is filled with exciting information about the products and the pioneers who produced them, especially for you, and then unpack each product and enjoy!

A Gift Box For You Means Vital Support For Hundreds of Jewish Pioneers In Israel

Across the Holy Land, hundreds of talented pioneers toil in vineyards, olive groves, factories, and design studios to produce their finest products. But with a small local market, they depend on international exports to keep their small businesses going. Every business is an integral part of their communities, providing employment to many families in the area. Their success means a livelihood for hundreds of Jewish families who contribute greatly to the development of the Biblical heartlands of Israel! With your subscription, you can expect to feel boundless love from Israel and a deep appreciation from the pioneers for your support!
Lev Haolam