Our Most Unique Handmade Israeli Products

Organizations like Lev Haolam stand together with small Jewish businesses, artisans, and families to provide high-quality, authentic Jewish gifts for individuals hoping to practice or pay tribute to the rich Israeli culture. Our gift box from Israel is a great way to learn about and grow your collection of unique handmade Jewish products.

Lev Haolam is proud to support Israel through our unique subscription model which helps hundreds of small businesses across the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Galilee, and the Golan Heights. By placing large orders for the wonderful produce of the talented artisans and pioneers of Israel, and sharing them through beautiful themed packages containing 7-9 products of the pioneers, we are the bridge through which supporters of Israel can connect to the Holy Land in a way never thought possible!

5 Unique Handmade Products in Our Gift Box from Israel

When you subscribe to the monthly gift box from Lev Haolam, you’ll receive a package containing unique Jewish or Israeli products. You can find food products, cosmetics, houseware, wine, jewelry, art, Judaica, and more. We meet with local businesses to get you the best honey, chocolate, tea, spices, and fragrances. Here are our five unique handmade artisan crafts:

We are privileged to work with hundreds of Israel’s most talented artisans who produce a huge variety of products. Faced with so much choice, leave it to us as we craft themed boutique gift boxes featuring products that are a treat for the body, mind, and soul! Whether healing cosmetics, fine wines, pure olive oils, handcrafted jewelry, Judaica, ceramics, or more, you’ll find them all in our monthly boxes. No box is the same, and alongside the products is an exclusive magazine containing profiles and interviews with the pioneers behind the products, bringing you that much closer to the Holy Land! Take a look at some of our most popular categories.

1. Jewelry

Discover stunning handcrafted jewelry inspired by the beauty of the Holy Land. We work closely with some of the most talented jewlery designers and craftspeople to bring you their finest pieces. With a subscription, you can look forward to receiving unique Israeli jewelry, made exclusively for Lev Haolam subscribers from our collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more. Whether it’s to connect to the land, to enjoy as a gift, or to add a hint of tasteful glamour to your outfit, we have the right piece of jewelry for you!

2. Homewares

Allow our team of artisans and designers to provide a genuine touch of the Holy Land to your home. Our houseware range features useful items and decorative pieces that will not only look great but also help get your house in order! A handcrafted jug can be used to store olive oil or put some flowers inside and place it on your windowsill. Serve up an Israeli-style mezze on beautiful dishes featuring illustrations inspired by the Holy Land, and give your display cabinet some attention with original ornaments and artwork made in the Biblical heartlands of Israel. We work closely with the pioneers to ensure you receive home and kitchenware guaranteed to bring the joy and beauty of the Holy Land into your home!

3. Cosmetics

From homemade soaps to organic olive oil-infused creams, our cosmetics contain ingredients derived straight from the natural goodness of the Holy Land. Our monthly boxes often include cosmetics and creams made by pioneers who produce them to provide a revitalizing, healing effect for your skin, allowing you to enjoy all the natural benefits of the Holy Land at home! Look forward to receiving cosmetics such as oils, moisturizers, cleansers, soaps, facial creams, makeup removers, tonics, and more, all containing ingredients sourced in the land, such as honey, olive oil, and pomegranate! Only in our boxes can you enjoy the Dead Spa experience at home with a facial mask containing the mineral-enriched mud of the Dead Sea! If your beauty regimen is important to you, then our cosmetics range is a must!

4. Ceramics

Your monthly subscription box includes some of the finest ceramics of the Holy Land. Handmade by talented designers living in communities across the Biblical heartlands, they take inspiration from the natural beauty of the Land and their strong connection to Judaism to produce a variety of beautiful ceramic pieces. Whether plates, teacups, mugs, or dishes, the ceramic range comes in original finishes and colors, and is multiuse, whether to store houseplants, food items, or to use as decorative art or storage.

5. Judaica

Connect to the spirituality of the land through our exclusive Judaica range. From Jewish art, prayerbooks, and psalms books, to stunning silver candlesticks and menorahs, every type of Judaica you could ever need or want, you will find in our boxes. Whether for personal use, as a gift to a newly married couple, to observe Shabbat or the Jewish festivals, or simply display in your living room, our beautiful Judaica pieces are made by our inspired artisans who are deeply rooted in their Judaism and the Holy Land.

How We Find Unique Handmade Israeli Products

Lev Haolam supports local Jewish business owners. Every month we send packages of 7-9 products made in Israel by the pioneers to subscribers. Whether fine wine from the vineyards of Mount Hebron, olive oil from where ancient olive presses still stand, or cosmetics containing ingredients derived from the nature of the Land, you can physically experience the best of Israel at home!

Behind every product is a pioneer with a family living and working in one of the communities across the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Golan, or the Galilee. You can read about them in the magazine that accompanies each box. As you begin to benefit from each product, you build an emotional connection to the pioneers, who are full of gratitude for your support.

From stunning Judaica such as Menorahs to illustrated editions of Psalms, connect to the spirituality of the Holy Land through the products. With our packages, you can share in the holiness of Israel!
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