Get to know the wonderful flavors of the Holy Land with Adanim Tea!

Adanim Tea is a family business founded in 1982 by Professor Hanoh Alon. Based in Nof Hagalil, they produce a wonderful variety of herbal teas, using organic plants and herbs grown in the Holy Land! Now the business is run by his son, Ariel.
When Ariel was a young man, his father, a professor of Semitic languages at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, made a life-altering decision to move his family from the city to a more rural environment. They landed in Samaria in Ofra, where the whole family quickly adjusted and fell in love with their new lifestyle.

Ariel finished high school at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu and, like all young Israeli men, entered the army for military service. He served the land and people of Israel as a combat soldier in the well-respected Golani unit, where his son has followed in his footsteps and is a Golani officer!

Ariel's father established Adanim Tea and Ariel became his right-hand man, quickly learning the ins and outs of the tea business. In Rehovot, Israel, he studied for and received a degree from The Hebrew University specializing in herbal tea.

He not only earned his academic credentials but was also blessed to meet his first wife, with whom he established a home and raised a family. All his children have worked with him in the business at various stages. Currently, his son has stepped away to finish his studies, while his daughter manages all the marketing for the company. His youngest son is in high school but often helps his dad at the factory during school holidays.
When Ariel's father moved his family to Ofra in Samaria, it marked the turning point for the pioneering family. They wanted to live a life closely connected to the Holy Land. Professor Alon believed that cultivating native herbs and others that grow well in Israel would have the basis for exquisitely flavorful herbal teas. His intuition proved correct and led to the establishment of Adanim Tea.

The business began as many family businesses do, with passion and an adventurous spirit.

Ariel recalls how in the early days, he and his father would harvest herbs and flowers and dry them on the roof of their house, much to his mother's chagrin!
Over time their harvests and knowledge increased, and a factory was the next step in the burgeoning growth of their enterprise. They opened their factory in Ofra despite some of the challenges of operating a business in the heartland of Israel.

They were excited when they bought their first tea bagging machine, which allowed them to increase their production and offer tea bags! The family is proud to say that more than twenty years later, their first machine is still in use in their factory!
When the Alons first began farming in the early 80s, it was important to them that they farm in a fashion that cared for the harvest today and into the future. The family strongly believes that pesticides and chemicals harm the environment and the community, so they avoid using them whenever possible. Most of Adanim’s teas are organic, with certificates certifying their compliance from the USA, Canada, Israel, the EU, and France. The few products that are not organic comply with strict international standards.

Adanim’s herbal teas represent the best of Israeli cultivation, with the herbs coming directly from the farms grown with natural pest control and specially developed cultivation methods.

The farming methods are carefully designed to maintain the ecological balance of the soil so that every harvest is abundant and flavorful. The family so values the quality of the ingredients they use that they relocated their factory to Nof Hagalil to be closer to their farming partners.
When Ariel was at his first international food exhibition, he noticed that people were not coming to his booth. Through a positive turn of events, he connected with a French importer who explained that European tea drinkers preferred sophisticated blends that addressed health concerns, such as dandelion blends, rather than a simple dandelion tea.

Ariel immediately started creating blends, using the organically grown herbs and flowers from his partner farms. He implemented his knowledge of herbs and herbal teas from his university education and soon found that he had a gift for creating tea blends that were healthy, delicious, and unique to the market.
As Ariel worked on finessing the blended tea offerings, the family upgraded their equipment and purchased a new tea bagging machine. Combining high-quality tea and better production meant they could expand their business and were happy to find importers for their tea.

Adanim developed a following of loyal fans in Israel and abroad due to Ariel’s commitment to creating the highest quality tea possible, always proudly labeled ‘Made in Israel.’

It was particularly sad when one of Ariel’s distributors came to him saying that while he loved Adanim Tea and was pro-Israel, he had come under pressure from outside sources because of his relationship with an Israeli company. At that time, due to the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, Ariel lost an important business contract.

He is undaunted, and over the years, he taught himself to speak, read and write French to better represent Israel and his company in France and Europe. While losing business because he is Israeli is painful, he is committed more than ever to continue building his business and sharing the beauty and sweetness of the Holy Land with as many people as he can reach.
Across the Holy Land, there are hundreds of pioneers just like Professor Alon who gave up comfortable lives to dedicate themselves to the mission of bringing life back to the Biblical Heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Galilee, and the Golan Heights. For decades, these areas, which are filled with so much rich Biblical history were left barren and untapped. Today, thanks to the brave and devoted pioneers like the Alon family, these regions are flourishing with life once again!

Wherever you go, you see green fields and farms flowing with an abundance of agricultural produce. Vineyards and olive groves produce the choicest grapes and olives for fine wines and olive oils, and the pioneers are busy in their laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and art and design studios creating products filled with love and dedication.

Each pioneer is deeply connected to the Holy Land.

Professor Alon and his son Ariel exemplify that connection by harnessing the natural goodness of the land in order to create wonderful products, just like the herbal teas of Adanim Tea!

Ever since we began, we have proudly connected tens of thousands of people to the Holy Land through our packages containing the finest produce of Israel!

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