The Presidents who stood with Israel!

Following the Declaration of Independence by David Ben Gurion, the United States, under the leadership of ​Harry S. Truman​, became the first country to recognize Israel!

The relationship between Israel and the United States is one of brotherhood. These two nations are bound together by shared values, democracy, and freedom. This relationship has always been stewarded by the commander-in-chief. From President Harry S. Truman to JFK and President Bush, these men have always held a special place in their hearts for the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

It wasn't just words but rather an action, standing up for the Jewish people when they began to rise from the ashes of the Holocaust, supporting the development of the young State, and securing Israel in the political and security fields. As the leaders of the free world, standing up to the pressure from global actors, these Presidents of the United States backed the State of Israel with pride.

JFK: A President who saw the miracle of Israel for himself.

John F. Kennedy made several visits to the Holy Land and had a soft spot for the young State and the Jewish people. With each additional visit, he was inspired by the courage and determination of the people to turn this barren wasteland into an oasis.

In 1939, JFK spent two weeks in Israel and noted the slow yet determined transformation by the Zionist pioneers, calling it, at that stage, "a land of promise" rather than "a land of fulfillment."

However, when he returned in 1951, he was inspired by Israel's success in absorbing 600,000 immigrants in just three years and spoke of how "Israel has given hope to the persecuted all over the world and dignity to those who believe in religious freedom in every part of this globe."

As President, JFK supported Israel by selling anti-aircraft missiles, essential to the defense of Israel's strategic assets.

In his words, Let us make it clear that we will never turn our backs on our steadfast friends in Israel, whose adherence to the democratic way must be admired by all friends of freedom.”

Harry S. Truman​: The President who recognized the State of Israel.

As a true friend of Israel and President of the United States, the Truman administration proudly supported the declaration of Israeli independence. President Harry S. Truman said, “I am proud of my part in the creation of this new state. Our Government was the first to recognize the State of Israel.”

Even while serving as a Senator, he was known for his support for the Jews and made great efforts to help Jewish survivors and displaced persons from the Holocaust. A mere two months into his presidency, he made significant changes to the sections of the Displaced Persons Act that discriminated against the Jews. A year later, he appealed to the British to permit 10,000 displaced persons to enter Palestine, in line with his belief that it was the right place to resettle the Jewish refugees.

He gave steadfast support to the Jewish aims of creating a Jewish state in Palestine, instructing his representatives to vote in favor of the United Nations Partition Plan, which would finally give the Jewish people their state.

In Truman's own words: "Palestine of today, the land we know as Palestine, was peopled by the Jews from the dawn of history until the Roman era. It is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people."

George W. Bush: A friendship with Israel that runs deep.

In 2008, President George W. Bush visited Israel and spoke about the similarities between the United States and Israel. Both faced significant obstacles when they were founded, yet they have relied on the same principles to succeed, build democracies, take in large numbers of immigrants, and establish thriving economies.

During his years as President and the explosion of the second intifada, President Bush stood beside Israel as it fought its war on terror.

In a speech to the Knesset during his 2008 visit, he referred to the deep connections that bind the State of Israel and the United States, stating that his country is proud to be called Israel's greatest friend and ally.

He said: "The alliance between our governments is unbreakable, yet the source of our friendship runs deeper than any treaty. It is grounded in the shared spirit of our people, the bonds of the Book, the ties of the soul."

For the Presidents of the United States, Israel holds a dear place in their hearts.

From President Nixon to President Regan to President Trump, the love and support for the State of Israel has always taken up a significant portion of their presidencies and policies, noting their similarities and recognizing that Israel has always been the US's most reliable partner in the Middle-East and the entire world!

In many of their speeches, these Presidents have referenced these shared values as a way of declaring their stance and deep love for the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.

“The people of Israel, like those of the United States, are imbued with a religious faith and a sense of moral values.” Dwight D. Eisenhower.

President Ronald Regan further deepened the relationship and alliance with Israel when, in addition to joint security exercises, the government signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Israeli Ministry of Health, increasing cooperation in the medical and healthcare fields.

President Regan said: “I welcome this chance to further strengthen the unbreakable ties between the United States and Israel and to assure you of our commitment to Israel’s security and well-being. Israel and America may be thousands of miles apart, but we are philosophical neighbors sharing a strong commitment to democracy and the rule of law."

There has been no better friend to the State of Israel and the Jewish people than that of the United States and the many Presidents who have held out their hand in solidarity and brothership. Through not just words but actual deeds, time and again, when Israel was fighting for its existence and when the Jewish people needed support in its most difficult times, the Presidents did what was right and what was needed.

From political support to military and security ties and close cooperation in so many other fields, like health care, high-tech, and innovation, these leaders have, and will continue to show their love for the Land of Israel, just like the people of the United States, who even during wartime have stood proudly with the Jewish people through volunteering, donating and supporting small businesses with Lev Haolam!

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