Meet Hadas Koka, who designs some of the most exquisite jewelry in the Holy Land!

At Lev Haolam, we proudly work with Israel's most talented artisans, many of whom live and work within the beautiful communities of the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Galilee, and the Golan Heights!

Hadas Koka had been passionate about jewelry from a young age. She was always very creative, expressing herself through drawing and sketching. And Hadas has used those natural skills to found her small business, a jewelry company based in her hometown in Tekoa!

For over ten years, Hadas has been producing jewelry pieces that have created a loyal following among women in Israel. Today, thanks to her partnership with Lev Haolam, these beautiful jewelry pieces, which are unique, modern, and inspired by the beauty of the Holy Land, are reaching new customers all over the world!

The Story of Hadas

Hadas is bursting with energy and seems to always be moving at the speed of light. As a wife, a mother to two beautiful children, and a business owner her ability to juggle many responsibilities at once definitely helps!

As a child Hadas was raised in a musical family that supported and encouraged her creativity which helped her handle many of the obstacles that came her way. School was not easy for Hadas but through her artistic inclination she found ways to succeed; instead of taking notes, she would draw pictures to help her remember key details of her studies.
Her passion for drawing and creating found an outlet when she discovered how much she enjoyed making jewelry. As a teenager she played with beads, creating unique and beautiful items that she gave as gifts to her friends. Becoming a jeweler was a natural progression of her creativity and generosity.

In the years that followed high school, her love of jewelry creation deepened and she began teaching herself how to work with metals and explore new ways of bringing her design ideas to light.

From these humble beginnings Hadas became a business owner and she has continued to teach herself, and grow into her new role. She credits her husband, Adir, a highschool math teacher who works with high-risk youth, for being her greatest supporter.

Hadas Jewelry Design

Hadas’ jewelry is totally unique, a surprising combination of textures and materials which come together in perfect harmony.

People all over Israel have fallen in love with Hadas Jewelry creations and over the past decade she has developed a dedicated following of women who wear her gorgeous creations. With her partnership with Lev Haolam her jewelry is becoming known to people around the world which brings her so much joy!

Hadas loves working with disparate elements such as embroidery on metal, juxtaposing the modern lines of the metal with traditional embroidery. She also takes metal and handpaints, and or adds touches of shellacked fabric to bring in unexpected touches of color and texture.

As modern as her creations are, she also finds a way to weave the beauty of Israel into her work, with many of the items that she makes featuring wild flowers from the land of Israel creating her own love letter to this beautiful land.
In early 2021 Hadas moved into her new studio in an artist’s collective in Tekoa. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work in a space designed to foster her creativity. She thanks all Lev Haoloam supporters and gives them all the credit for making her new studio space a reality.

She is grateful to have the opportunity to work close to home and proud to be able to provide opportunities for local women to be able to work with her. She explained that it is important to her that the women, who have become friends, have employment with flexible hours that allow them to run their households and also earn an income.

Across the Holy Land are hundreds, if not thousands of talented pioneers and artisans who spend their days toiling in their farms, factories, warehouses, and design studios to produce products of the highest quality!

These aren't items made for simple profit; these are items that give the pioneers the ability to provide for their families, cover household expenses, and enable them to make a vital contribution to their communities across the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, The Golan Heights and the Galilee. The town of Tekoa is located in the eastern Judean desert, with just under 5,000 residents. And it is here, from her design studio, where Hadas's creativity and talents run free, allowing her to produce beautiful, intricate pieces of jewelry made with love from Israel!

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