2023: Even more boxes of joy delivered from the Holy Land!

In 2023 we sent out 12 unique themed boxes to our subscribers around the world. Inside were products that took members on a memorable journey of discovery through the Holy Land!

We love and cherish the thousands of subscribers to our monthly packages around the world. Without them, it wouldn't be possible to make such a wonderful impact on the development and rejuvenation of the Holy Land! Across Israel and in regions such as the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, and Galilee, there are hundreds, if not thousands of small business owners, artisans, and pioneers who work tirelessly to produce original and unique products which provide so much benefit and joy to the recipients.

Every month our team curates a box based filled with products based on themes closely related to and inspired by the Bible and the Land of Israel. Alongside the products is a beautifully illustrated magazine filled with fascinating articles about the Holy Land and profiles and interviews with the pioneers behind the products. Together, this makes for an incredible experience that allows our subscribers to feel the love from the Holy Land in their homes every month!

Let's Unbox!

Explore some more of our favorite boxes of 2023 which brought so much joy and inspiration from the Holy Land to subscribers around the world!

The Land of Milk and Honey Box

Our first box of 2023 was inspired by the promise God made to our forefathers, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob in which he said that he would bring their descendants into “A land flowing with milk and honey.” (Deut. 31:20). The Land of Israel would produce an abundance of goodness for its inhabitants, but only if they work it with zeal and dedication, and pray to God to bless their efforts. Inside this package are delightful honey-inspired products. There is honey-infused granola by Rozalia's Patisserie; energy date balls by Beit Hashaked; organic honey-scented shampoo by Arugot; a Land of Israel inclusion pendant by Shlomo Stern; natural soap by Adva; a milk and honey photo journal by the talented photographer Aluma Mishulami; pure honey by Yossef Honey Farms and Deglet Nour Dates by Kibbutz Gilgal. Did you know that the honey of Israel isn't bees' honey, but dates? That's why we've included plenty of date products, to give you an authentic taste of the land of milk and honey!

King David Box

From a simple shepherd who managed to defeat the mighty giant Goliath with his steadfast faith in God and a sling, to becoming a great and mighty King, the life of David left a lasting legacy that still lives with us today. When we need salvation or courage, it is the book of Psalms to which we turn, a book that King David made famous with his endless recitals in his times of strife. Inside the King David box are products fit for Kings and Queens! There are fresh almonds from the Yatir Almond farm in the Arad Valley; rich hazelnut and cocoa spread by Holy Cacao; revitalizing Dead Sea Magnesium Body Cream and Holly Hysopp foot balms by Einav Hagag; the Book of Samuel by Koren Publishers, which details the anointing of King David; two stunning paintings of King David by Avshalom Lipman; caramel dream popcorn by Heavenly Pop, and a royal beverage in the form of Kings Coffee by Judah Coffee!

The Abundance Of The New Year

A package that took subscribers on a wonderful tour of the Holy Land through the products made by producers from across the Biblical Heartlands of Judea and Samaria and the other regions of Israel! From cosmetics, such as a honey-infused ointment, and organic Face cream from Michal's Natural Soaps, to a beautiful hand-made pomegranate dish by both Nurit Ceramics or Hadas Sattler, and coffee by Bruno, Deglet Nour Dates by Kibbutz Gilgal, and cashew granola cookies by Racheli's Cookies, this is a package filled pure delight! With Israel being the Land of Milk and Honey, you can't expect only one honey-based product, so the honey experts at Goldreich have also supplied pure and delicious honey to use for cooking, baking, or simply eating by the spoonful!
Behind every single product is a dedicated pioneer, who lives in one of the communities of the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, Galilee, or the rest of Israel. Many chose to live a simple way of life, away from the big cities, in communities that are small and isolated, to contribute to the holy mission of living and settling the Land. These pioneers have overcome many challenges to establish homes, families, and small businesses. The support they receive via the subscriptions and orders for their products enables them to provide for their families, offer meaningful employment opportunities to people from the local communities, and make a vital contribution to the development of their communities and the Biblical heartlands! Every single product a subscriber uses and benefits from makes a positive difference in the lives of the hundreds of people involved in producing it. Now imagine the impact of a subscription box containing 7-9 products. It is the subscribers who are helping to rejuvenate the Holy Land!

A subscription to Lev Haolam's monthly surprise packages gives you the opportunity of an everlasting connection to the Holy Land through the wonderful produce of Israel's pioneers!

For Israel's small business owners, the benefits they receive from every subscription to Lev Haolam's monthly surprise packages go further than a donation ever could. These pioneers have chosen to live in areas of the Holy Land that have been left barren and undeveloped for many years. They are investing their lives, time, and money to bring life back to the very same regions where our Biblical ancestors once lived and tread. And they are succeeding! Today, if you head to the Biblical Heartlands of Judea and Samaria, you will see vineyards, olive groves, date and almond farms, factories, laboratories and design studios. From there the pioneers are producing some of the most wonderful, and in some cases even award-winning products and giving their all to fulfill their mission. As good as the products are, the local market in Israel is small, so many producers depend on being able to export their products abroad. And it is the subscribers to Lev Haolam's monthly packages who make ALL THE DIFFERENCE, by receiving the wonderful products of these pioneers, infused with love and gratitude from Israel and giving the pioneers the vital support they need to keep developing the Holy Land!
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