Lev Haolam subscription is your gateway to an everlasting connection with the Holy Land!

Hear from Rina, a subscriber who came all the way from the US to show her support for Israel!

Rina is a proud subscriber to our surprise boxes! Four of her children are living in Israel, including a son who serves in the IDF. Even during the war, Rina came to show solidarity with the people of Israel. One of her first stops was Lev Haolam, which Rina visited because she LOVES how we support the small businesses of Judea and Samaria and the rest of Israel! In her own words, "You can't do better than supporting Lev Haolam and I've never had a box that I haven't enjoyed, not only because of the great products but also because it's supporting the people of Israel!"
Just like Rina, you too can enjoy the wonderful produce of Israel and feel the love from the Holy Land!
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