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Lev Haolam is one big happy family of people united in their love for Israel! Ever since we began our mission of strengthening the Biblical heartlands of Israel through our support for the pioneers who live there, over 30,000 members have enjoyed our monthly subscription boxes containing the finest Israeli products!

Our priority is to enable those who want to create a meaningful bond with the Holy Land to do so and in return to feel the love and deep gratitude from the Holy Land!

We live and breathe Israel.

From our offices and warehouse in Kfar Etzion, just south of Jerusalem, we travel to find talented pioneers and artisans to discover their wonderful products, hear their stories, and see how we can support them in developing the beautiful Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria, the Galilee and the Golan Heights. The importance of the Holy Land to the Jewish people and its connection to the Bible is engrained in all that we do.

Since Lev Haolam began, we have sent over 1,380,000 boxes filled with incredible Israeli products to subscribers around the world. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring 150% customer satisfaction, being honest, transparent, and available to resolve all customer requests or queries in good time. It is our honor to serve thousands of wonderful people who want to connect to the Holy Land!

And we are succeeding, with 1,500+ positive reviews on Trustpilot and hundreds of messages from delighted customers attest to!

Interested in learning more? Check out what some of our subscribers have to say:

Just received another great box of delicious treats...that coffee smells so divine, face cream, chocolates, a calendar, and a small book of Israel photography! Today is my 43rd wedding anniversary! Will share the chocolate with my husband,of course! Also, appreciate the stories about Eretz Israel! Shalom!
- Vicki Newby

This box could not have been any more beautiful in the layout. Absolutely stunning. Thank you so much Lev Haolam for giving me the opportunity to purchase from Israel every month. 💖
- Kathy Adkins

Just received my first box I am so very pleased and thankful… everything is wonderful… this is so dear to my heart… Blessings from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦
- Liz Carde-Beaudin

This was a very special box. It came with a piece of beautiful art piece of Olive Wood. I felt the joy in my heart the moment I held it in my hands. What a meaningful way of bringing the Holy Land into my home. ❤️
- Sharon Lee

Another amazing box: Motherhood. Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah…

Thank you for sending this amazing box and the products selection in this box is special. Thank you!❤️ - Claudia Canizalez

Received another amazing box today. Welcome To The Cave!!! The 1st couple of pages of the book, Travel Through Time to The Cave of the Patriarchs, has me intrigued already. Love the picture. The foods and skin products are packaged so beautifully and colors are such a beautiful blend of blues and greens. And ohhhh the wonderful fragrances!!! I feel such a part of the beautiful land and it's people opening these treasures. And each book showing pictures and telling about the people who produce these products helps to provide a connection to the people and the land. My dream is to one day beable to visit GOD'S land and his people.
Thank you Lev Haolam

- Cheryl Devio

Get to know Israel like never before.

All our products contain ingredients or materials derived from the Holy Land. From olive oil coming from regions that produced olive oil for thousands of years to cosmetics and creams containing healing plants, herbs, and minerals, you can experience Israel in your body, mind, and soul!

Israel may seem far away, but with our monthly packages, you can get closer than ever imaginable. Make an eternal connection to the Jewish pioneers of Israel as our talented pioneers such as Orli Livne produce exclusive products just for you! Your impact cannot be underestimated.

As a subscriber, know that the products you receive are infused with the love of each pioneer. Imagine Orli, sitting in her studio facing the Judean desert. She closes her eyes and pictures the intended recipient of the piece she is working on. She is feeling loved, appreciated, and grateful - to YOU.
Lev Haolam