Discover the wonderful gifts of the Holy Land!

When it comes to gift giving, things can get complicated, especially when there is so much choice on offer. So allow us to guide you and help you find the perfect gifts from the Holy Land!
The Jewish calendar is filled with many wonderful festivals and special days to be celebrated with family and friends. Each one sees large get-togethers and festive meals connecting to the traditions and events behind the festival. On Purim, we dress up in fancy dress and recite the Scroll of Esther before having a lavish meal. On Passover, we observe eight days of eating only unleavened foods and the wonderful Seder night in which we retell the Exdous of our Biblical ancestors from slavery in Egypt. This leads us to Shavuot when we were given the Torah. Then it's the time for repentance, judgment, and renewal with Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the joyful festivals of Sukkot and Simchat Torah. The dark winter days are pierced with the millions of lights emanating from the Chanukiah candles before the agricultural season of renewal begins with Tu B'Shevat, the new year of Israel's trees!
From beautifully designed Judaica pieces such as Menorahs, Chanukiahs, and Shabbat candlesticks to delightful cosmetics and beauty products containing the healing herbs, plants, and minerals of the Holy Land, to wonderful food and drink products including award-winning wines and pure olive oils, the Land of Milk & Honey has so much to offer you!
These are just a small sample of the wonderful products subscribers to Lev Haolam's surprise packages receive every month!
These are the fruits of the labor of hundreds of pioneer families who live and work in the small communities across the Biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, and the Galilee region. They are creators, utilizing their talents and blending them with their love for the Land to produce gifts that are unique and guaranteed to bring delight and joy to everyone who receives them! Especially for subscribers to our monthly packages, the products they receive express the deep appreciation and love that the pioneers have for them. After all, these boxes, which contain 7-9 products, provide the pioneers with the support they need to continue their important mission of working and developing the Land of Israel!

Discover the different types of Jewish gifts you can give to your loved ones!

Explore our huge collection of Jewish gifts across many exciting product categories! Whether buying for a foodie, treating your dearest to some exquisite jewelry, pampering them with organic cosmetics, or indulging their sweet tooth, you'll find all this and so much more in our monthly surprise packages, filled with love from the Holy Land!

Toys & Games

From wooden puzzles to educational games, you will surely find something challenging and entertaining for both young and old alike!

Wines & Spirits

Explore our exclusive collection of fine Israeli wines, some of which have won awards in international wine competitions! There is also a selection of original Israeli beers, indulgent liqueurs, and more!

Foods & Snacks

From essential Israeli ingredients such as pure olive oil, cooking sauces, aromatic spice blends, and seasonings, to delicious snacks such as Halva Seasame fudge, roasted nuts and dried fruits and boutique bean-to-bar chocolate, and cookies, you'll have all you need to stock up your Israeli style pantry!


Beautiful silver candlesticks for Shabbat, a stunning Menorah for Chanukah, a decorated Seder Plate for the Passover Seder, or an illustrated Book of Psalms. These original Judaica pieces are perfect for those wanting to observe Jewish traditions or simply strengthen their connection to the Holy Land. They also make a beautiful addition to your home, whether in a display cabinet or on the windowsill.


Treat your precious ones to the finer things in life, like handcrafted pieces of Jewish jewelry made by Israel's most talented jewelry makers and craftsmen. Whether pomegranate drop earrings, Star of David necklaces, rings, bangles, or a stunning Land of Israel pendant, you can find jewelry suitable for every person and every occasion!

Arts & Design

The Holy Land is home to some of the most talented artisans in the world! You can find original artworks of Biblical characters such as King David, handcrafted ceramic pieces with designs inspired by the beauty of the land of Israel, boutique candles from Tekoa, and more!

Cosmetics & Beauty Products

Infuse your skin with the natural goodness of the Holy Land! Our range of beauty products includes wonderful items like a Dead Sea face mask, containing the healing mud and minerals of the Dead Sea, soaps containing pure olive oil, and organic skincare products made with the healing herbs and plants of the land! Now you can treat your body and soul to the best of Israel!

Here's what you need to choose the PERFECT GIFT from the Holy Land!

Choose the occasion

Whether for a birthday, anniversary, a Jewish festival, or simply because you want to share a gift of love from the Holy Land, you will find what you are looking for right here! Here are a few tips to help you choose that perfect gift.

Let the festivals inspire you

Have you been invited to a meal to celebrate one of the Jewish festivals? Consider a meaningful gift related to the festival itself, such as a decorative Seder Plate to be used as the centerpiece for the Passover meal. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is a time for renewal. A pomegranate is traditionally eaten and we bless each other that we should have as many merits as the 613 seeds inside! So how about a selection of skincare products infused with the healing goodness of pomegranate extract?

Share the dazzling magnificence of the Holy Land!

Many people say it with jewelry. So consider an exquisite piece of jewelry with designs inspired by the Holy Land to adorn your loved ones. It makes a perfect gift for a birthday or special occasion.

Jewish food for the soul

Do your family and friends love Israeli and Middle-Eastern cooking? Then consider a package of spice mixes and marinades along with a bottle of pure olive oil to help them bring the wonderful flavours of the Holy Land into their food dishes!
Whatever gift you choose, whether expensive or less so, consider what your intended recipient enjoys and what they would most appreciate, and then you can begin your search for the perfect Jewish gift!

Where can you find the best Jewish gifts to treat your favorite people?

It's right here in the Holy Land where you can find an endless variety of products made with love by the pioneers and artisans! We proudly work with hundreds of Israel's most talented producers, giving us access to a huge selection of products, so many, in fact, that we have made them the centerpiece of our surprise gift packages, which we send to subscribers every month! In any one package, you can find items such as organic skin care products, art pieces, fine wines, delicious Israeli snacks, Judaica, jewelry, and more. The products are carefully selected for their connection to a specific theme about the Bible or the Land of Israel, with enough variety to ensure you find something that will always make for a perfect gift!
We know it can be challenging for tourists in the Holy Land to find the perfect gifts to take home to their loved ones. Walk into any gift shop and it can be simply overwhelming!
At Lev Haolam, we make the gift-giving experience one of joy and delight!
Every product has been made 100% in Israel by the most talented producers in the land, and when it comes to our beloved subscribers, we ensure that they receive a selection of items that guarantee memorable moments for the entire family!
Whatever gifts you had in mind, you will find them among our extensive selection of original products, many of them handmade.
The best thing about our boxes? They all contain the products that enable you to experience the best of Israel from the comfort of your own home!

With gifts and products from Lev Haolam, you can come closer to the Holy Land and its pioneers than ever thought possible!

Across the Holy Land, hundreds of pioneers toil to produce items that are unique, meaningful, and of the highest quality. They have dedicated themselves to a life of simplicity, living in small communities across the Biblical Heartlands of Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, and the Galilee, away from the major population centers such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Here they focus on working the land and connecting to the regions where our Biblical ancestors once lived and tread. Every month, subscribers to Lev Haolam's monthly packages get to experience 7-9 of the pioneer's finest products. The products are an expression of the pioneer's deepest love and gratitude to the subscribers who provide them with such vital support, enabling them to continue rejuvenating the Holy Land!
So when the recipients open their surprise packages, see, feel, and use the products, and read about the pioneers in the accompanying magazine, that's when they will feel genuine love and closeness with the pioneers and the Holy Land!
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