A world of renewal awaits you at the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea!

It might be called the Dead Sea, but the world's largest health spa is full of mud enriched with vitamins and minerals and a climate perfect for restoring health and revitalizing your skin!
The Dead Sea is anything but dead! It is alive with mineral-rich mud and salt that provide optimal conditions for medical tourism. It is the lowest place in the world, and its unique climate makes it the ideal environment for those with respiratory difficulties. It is an area shrouded in biblical history, where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, leaving behind a Sulpher-filled wasteland. As centuries of nature took hold, the results are there to see and experience today. Tourists come to float in the sea and cover themselves in the mineral-rich black mud. Once they remove the mud, their skin feels smooth and revitalized like never before!

How did the Dead Sea come to be? The Bible has the answer!

Have you ever wondered how the Dead Sea got its name? The area of the Dead Sea was once a lush, fertile land. In the Bible, this region was home to the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The inhabitants of both cities were inherently wicked, and it was where Lot resided after separating from his Uncle, our forefather Abraham. When God informed Abraham that the city would be destroyed, two of the angels who were sent to destroy the cities rescued Lot and his family. As they fled the angels warned them against turning around and witnessing the destruction of the cities. Lot's wife ignored and looked back, the result was that she became a pillar of salt.
Left behind was a trail of destruction, the area now a barren wilderness, and eventually, the Dead Sea would be formed, filled with salt and asphalt. It is an area inhospitable to animal and plant life, which is one of the reasons for its name, the Dead Sea! This area, along with the mountains and numerous caves, would provide refuge for both King David and King Herod. The peak of Masada was where the last bastion of Jewish rebels held out during their revolt against the Roman Empire. The area is filled with history, and there have been some fascinating archeological discoveries, among them the Dead Sea scrolls, found in a cave in Qumran, which you can view at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and most recently, four iron swords dated to the time of the revolt!

Experience the natural wonders of the Dead Sea through the products!

Dead Sea Mud face Mask

Treat yourself to a Dead Sea Mud Face Mask from Alma Soap who produce a wonderful range of natural skincare products with ingredients derived from the goodness of the Holy Land! They have produced an original Dead Sea Mud Face Mask, allowing you to experience the wonders of the Dead Sea in the comfort of your home! This purifying face mask is rich in antioxidants, 21 naturally occurring minerals, and a blend of essential oils. This combination will detoxify and purify your skin, making it look revitalized and refreshed. The face mask is suitable for all skin types!

Dead Sea Mud Soap

Don't just clean your body; enrich it with two ingredients known to be of the highest quality in the Holy Land: Dead Sea mud and olive oil from the Holy Land! This beautiful 100% natural soap is made by Amnon Mizrachi of Masik, who produces various skincare products from his small factory in the Golan Heights. Designed to be used for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin, the Dead Sea mud soap removes dead cells from your skin and gives it a wonderful sense of renewal! Completely chemical-free, the soap can accelerate wound healing and is effective against skin rashes.

Organic Hemp-seed Body Lotion & Dead Sea Exfoliating Scrub Spa Kit

Treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience with a beauty kit made with love by Shlomit Cohen, of Gifts of Nature. Shlomit has dedicated herself to bringing the natural and healing benefits of the Holy Land and infusing them into her products, which benefit the body, mind, and soul! Indulge with the Natural Spa Kit containing a Dead Sea Exfoliating Scrub and Organic Hemp-seed Body Lotion. Apply the Dead Sea Exfoliating scrub to reveal a new layer of smooth, healthy-looking skin, and then rub in the lotion to lock in the effects of long-lasting moisture into your entire body!

Natural Dead Sea Toothpaste

Did you know the Dead Sea can also work wonders on your teeth and mouth? This toothpaste from the experts at Yama+ brings the healing properties of the Dead Sea to your daily tooth-brushing routine! Made of a unique gel formula, it contains 60% water from the Dead Sea in combination with other natural ingredients and mint leaf oil. After regular use, you can expect your teeth to be as clean as can be, your breath to feel fresher than ever, and your gums to be healthy! Once you taste this amazing toothpaste, you won't return to any other!

Garlic & Pepper Natural Dead Sea Salt

Did you know that the salt of the Dead Sea can be eaten? After the experts at 424 Salt have hand-collected, sifted, and filtered it, you can! 424 Salt produces some of the finest gourmet salt and seasoning mixtures! They can honestly claim to have the richest mineral content of any salt while being naturally lower in sodium than regular table salt. In short, 424 salt is the world's most delicious, healthy, and unique salt. And when mixed with garlic and pepper, you have the ultimate seasoning in one grinder!
The Dead Sea is a region full of Biblical history and provides so much benefit to the people. What is fascinating is that it was once one of the most fertile regions in the land, filled with greenery and vegetation, and today, it is very much a hostile environment and not conducive to agriculture or life. And yet, from all of this, the results of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the undisturbed length of time where nature ran its course led to the creation of a place where millions of people can visit for healing and relaxation!
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