A look back at 2023 with Lev Haolam

In 2023, thanks to our subscribers, we managed to continue supporting hundreds of Jewish pioneers, even throughout the war when they needed more help than ever!
As 2023 began, we had high hopes of helping more pioneers, sharing the love of Israel with even more subscribers, and placing orders for more wonderful products to share with them. We traveled across the entire Land to meet and visit new pioneers to hear their stories, discover their products, and learn about the challenges they faced as small business owners.

We also kept up with our family of existing suppliers to see how they were doing, to place repeat orders, and to find out about their plans for expansion and development. In all 2023 was set to be an exciting year for Lev Haolam and our producers. Until October 7, it was. Forms were filled, agreements made and customers around the world were looking forward to receiving more products from their favorite Israeli pioneers.

Despite the difficulties of the war, we still managed to keep going and do whatever we could to support the pioneers of the Holy Land!

Here’s what we managed to achieve in 2023:

Here are some of the goals that pioneers managed to achieve through sales in the Lev Haolam shop!

Many of our suppliers and their families were also deeply impacted by the devastation of Oct 7, 2023.

Some lost family members, others left their families to rush to the frontlines and have been serving with the IDF ever since, and of course, their small businesses were also hit. For the pioneers, their businesses are often their main source of income, so faced with a lack of local customers, workforce issues, and problems in the supply and delivery chains left them with an upward battle. So we did what we could. We checked in on our producers and placed orders for their wonderful products on behalf of subscribers to give them some much-needed economic breathing room until the situation stabilizes.

As soon as the war began on Oct 7, 2023 We knew that many of our suppliers would need support. So we reached out to them personally to see how we could help.
A well-loved coffee company, the war caught Agrocafe unprepared. Out of only 11 employees, three were drafted, including Hanan Elkayam, one of the founders. Even while struggling to make ends meet, they generously donated coffee to the soldiers and the remaining staff worked desperately to keep the business going. When they heard that Lev Haolam would place an order on behalf of our subscribers, Eran Yitzhik, a business partner in Agrocafe had this to say, "We didn't imagine that within five minutes, you would give us a lifeline. You helped us without hesitation with actions that are saving us!"

Bar Bary

Bar Bary makes some of the most delicious and healthy fruit and nut bars which are a treat for many. Their factory in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon was under persistent rocket threat from the moment the war began, which caused serious problems for them. They also had to manage staff shortages and worry about family members serving on the frontlines. The order came just at the right time! Ilan Peretz, one of the owners of Bar Bary said: "We are very grateful! We are not blessed with a lot of support in the world, so your support is very moving and gives us the feeling that we are not alone.”

Negohot Honey

Negohot Honey since the outbreak of the war, the team at Negohot Honey has been busy volunteering to help those whose family members were drafted to the frontlines. They also have staff and family members in the army. Despite the constant worry, they are trying to keep positive and pray for those who were injured or kidnapped. Thanks to a recent order, their situation has been eased, allowing them to focus on helping others. “It means support and strengthening. A feeling that we are not alone, that you are with us, and that you care. This order is significant both in terms of morale and contribution to strengthening Israel’s economic resilience!”

Receiving love-filled products strengthens your bond with Israel and makes you feel it's love.

Being a Lev Haolam member means having a relationship with Israel like your closest relative. You feel loved and cared for when your mom or grandma makes you a hand-knitted scarf or homemade cookies.
Receiving products crafted with love by Israeli artisans through your Lev Haolam subscription makes you feel the same way; loved and cared for by Israel!
Just as you feel the love and caring of your mom or grandma when you wrap yourself in a scarf made by hand with love, touching products created in the Holy Land evoke a feeling of love and closeness with Israel. These products are not just items; they symbolize your deep connection, loving relationship, and care for Israel.

One package alone cannot encompass the entirety of Israel's richness and complexity. That's why, to help you foster a stronger connection with Israel, we offer different boxes each month with a collection of products from various historical parts of the Holy Land and its pioneers.
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