Is Israel's Existence at Risk?

The Future Might Not Be as Secure as You Think!

You're here definitely because you care

about Israel and its people, right?

You already know how important

the Holy Land and its history are, don't you?

That's AWESOME and You're amazing!

Now are you ready to expand your knowledge

about Israel and its struggle for survival?

Uncover the hidden challenges threatening Israel's existence that even Israelis might not know about!

A true guide for every true follower of Israel!

This book will guide you through the lesser-known history of the Jewish people: from their exodus and search for a home, to the re-creation of Israel and their ongoing battle for security and existence.

What You'll Discover

Who or what's putting Israel's existence in danger right now?

What hidden threats are out there that even some Israelis might not know about?

How can the average American help protect Israel?
Who are the unsung heroes of Israel, giving their all to ensure the nation's survival?
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