1. What should I do if I don't like the package?
Satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like your package, we'll refund your money!
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2. When will my package arrive?
Generally, your package will be shipped out from our warehouse in Israel within 2-12 days of your subscription. You can expect an additional 2-3 weeks of air travel until final delivery. Your package will follow the same schedule for the duration of your membership.
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3. What do I do if an item in my package is broken or missing?
We work hard to ensure that you get to enjoy the best that Israel has to offer. We pack everything to the best of our abilities. Items may get damaged during shipment. Please contact us at support@levhaolam.com if anything in your package is damaged or missing, and we will address the matter immediately.
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4.How will I know who I've helped?
Inside each box, you can expect a special booklet with the history of the specific families who provide goods in the current box.
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5. Are the products really made in Israel? Are they Kosher?
Yes! Our products are made in Israel!
All food items we buy are packaged and produced by companies located in Israel's Judea and Samaria regions. We do not produce any food ourselves. All items in our boxes are certified kosher under different rabbinical supervision. Some products supervision include the following: Badatz Eidah Charedi, Badatz Beit Yosef, Mehadrin Rav Avraham Rubin, Mehadrin Rav Eliyahu Abba Shaul, Mehadrin Rav Eliezer Altschuler, Hashgachat Rav Dov Lior, Badatz Iggud Rabbanim Rabbi Y. Abba Shaul – Gush Etzion, Rabbi S. Drori – Kiryat Shmonah, Orthodox Union. Lev Haolam does its best to provide high-standard kosher items in all packages. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for new items to include, so the supervisions will not always be the same as listed, but they will be of similar standards.
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6. What will be in my box?
You will receive up to 9 full-size items of the best quality. Since we work with producers directly, we can offer the best prices for Lev Haolam members. So the price of each item inside the box is well below its cost in a regular store. We share the savings with our members. You will see the value in each box.

All products vary from package to package, as we support new producers every month. The goods may include an assortment of products such as chocolate, honey, coffee, tea, cookies, dates, olive or pomegranate oils, sweet or salty spreads, jams, spices, dried fruits, halva, home decor, ceramics, kitchenware, plates and bowls, paintings, candles, home blessings, wall hangings, holy books, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, face creams, soaps, ointments and balms, essential oils, and much more. This way, you will enjoy the full range of Israeli goods!

Each box also includes our colorful brochure with news and updates from Israel, the families you help, their businesses, and the Lev Haolam team.
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7. How can I track my package?
Tracking information is emailed to you when we print out your shipping label. You will receive a tracking number to the email address with which you subscribed.

Please note: since the tracking number is sent out a few days prior to shipping - it may take up to 7 days for the initial tracking update.
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8. What if I can't afford $99 monthly?
The Lev Haolam subscription price is always $99 per month or per box; however, you can choose the frequency of delivery and payment.

Subscription Plans
➤ Monthly: After subscribing, you will be billed each month for $99. Cancel anytime. Over the course of a year, you receive 12 boxes and pay $1,188.

➤ Bi-monthly: After subscribing, you will be billed every other month for $99. Cancel anytime. Over the course of a year, you receive 6 boxes and pay $594.

➤ Quarterly: After subscribing, you will be billed once per 3 months for $99. Cancel anytime. Over the course of a year, you receive 4 boxes and pay $396.

◉ Please note that you receive a full-size box and products with any subscription plan.
◉ You may change your plan at any time.
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