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Introducing Lev Haolam's New Ebook:
"10 Biblical Sites of Israel:
A Journey from Then Until Now"
Dive into the stories of Israel's Biblical sites and trace their timeless journey. Embark on a captivating historical tour and deepen your bond with Israel.
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We believe that forming a deep bond with Israel involves many dimensions. Each dimension uncovers a unique side of Israel, pulling us closer to its essence.

By delving into the history of Israel’s biblical sites, you will embark on a concise, yet compelling journey across Israel’s wonders.

This journey will not only deepen your knowledge but also strengthen your faith. You’ve read about many monuments, temples, and sacred places in the Bible. Now, you can see their current states with your own eyes, once again realizing they are not mere myths, but tangible, enduring landmarks. Every one of these treasures is to be found in Israel.
Studying the History of Biblical Sites Draws You Closer to Israel,
Both Spiritually and Emotionally
By understanding Israel's past, you'll boost your current bond, gain deeper insights, and strengthen your faith.
Delve into our book, filled with brief but engaging facts about biblical sites, illustrated through evocative past and present photos. It’s a treasure for all those who cherish Israel.
Your Israel Journey:
from Biblical Times to Present Day
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For nearly 10 years, we’ve immersed ourselves in Israel — cherishing it daily, uncovering its rich history, and exploring the crafts, traditions, and daily lives of its people. This journey has gifted us with rare insights that stand apart from the perspectives of those outside Israel.

Thanks to our work, we’re closely connected with the pioneers of the Holy Land, learning its secrets from those who know it best.
Lev Haolam: A Community Where True Israel Enthusiasts Can Deepen Their Connection
At Lev Haolam, we gather not just to learn, but to share our profound understanding of Israel with you.
Dive deeper into Israel's rich history with
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Claim Your Free Copy & Feel Closer to Israel
"10 Biblical Sites of Israel: A Journey from Then Until Now"
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