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Your Bridge to the Holy Land!
We are Lev Haolam, the leading subscription box service from Israel. For a decade now, with our help supporters of Israel are assisting over 1820 heroic families in Israel, transforming their connection to the Holy Land into a lifelong journey.

Our subscribers regularly receive themed boxes containing 7-9 unique and original products, many handmade, by local pioneers and artisans. By joining, they become part of our Israeli Family, giving support and receiving love from Israel every month!
From fine wines to olive oils; aromatic spice and tea blends to delicious snacks; natural healing cosmetics and perfumes; and MUCH MORE, our subscribers get the BEST directly from Israel straight to their door!
100+ countries
recieve packages sent directly from Israel
30,000+ members
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1,000,000+ boxes
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Thousands of subscribers have remained with us for more than 3 years!
Our family of over 30,000 members lives and breathes Israel’s love every day, transforming their connection into a lifelong journey.
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Our Confidence is Built on Our History and Impact
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Our subscribers love the thrill of discovering something new in every box they receive. Each box is unique and inspired by a biblical story, providing insights into the Holy Land and its people. The joy of uncovering these treasures creates a deeper connection to the rich culture and heritage of Israel.

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A Taste of Israel Delivered to Your Doorstep
Each Monthly Suprise Box's Actual Value is Over $130!
Discover unique, high-quality items crafted by local artisans. Each box includes 7-9 exclusive products worth over $130, ensuring fair pay for artisans and great prices for you.

Curated just for Lev Haolam members, featuring products you won't find anywhere else.
$300 Worth of Israeli Tour Experience in Every Box
Our boxes offer a taste of a $300 expert-led tour through biblical Israel.

Each box includes special magazines filled with stories of the families behind the goods, bringing you closer to the heart of Israel.
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Inside, you'll find a magazine and 3 unique artisan-crafted products, each with its own story. Enjoy a piece of the Holy Land, delivered directly from Israel to you.
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Get 1 of 50 FREE Boxes Today — Only Pay Shipping Before Price Reverts back to $39.99!
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Once you've received your FREE sample box, we hope you'll want to continue your journey with us. Consider subscribing to our monthly boxes for $99/month, where you'll receive 7-9 premium Israeli products each month, enhancing your connection to Israel. No commitment required.

It's our way of inviting you to be part of something bigger, fostering meaningful connections with Israel.
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Securing this offer unlocks the gateway to experiencing Israel’s all-encompassing love, presented through 3 impactful connection types. Each item in this FREE Sample box, and all the boxes of our monthly subscription, signifies one of them, establishing a unique bond with Israel.
Become a “True Supporter of Israel” and experience a connection that transcends others. Feel the love of Israel in every product, while supporting the Land and its people.
Get to know local families behind each product through their first-hand stories shared in the accompanying magazine.

See, touch, and savor every item in this box, the expert craftsmanship of Israel’s artisans!

Participate in Israel’s history and destiny. You will feel the spiritual connection with every item in our boxes.
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Claim Your FREE Sample Box That Unlocks True Connection With Israel!
Top 3 Artisanal Products + Exclusive Digital Israeli Cookbook ($76 Total Value)
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Top 3 Artisanal Products + Exclusive Digital Israeli Cookbook