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Why Choose Lev Haolam?
At the core of our service is a win-win philosophy: artisans receive fair compensation, while you, our valued subscriber, receive authentic, heartfelt gifts.

We are unique in our commitment to this mission, ensuring everything is done just right.

This shared commitment to integrity is why so many subscribers not only choose us over others but also stay with us for years, embracing a community that cherishes the same principles.
The Only Box Directly from Israel: Directly from the Holy Land, our boxes bring Israel's heart right to your doorstep.
Spiritual Connection: Each box deepens your spiritual connection with Israel, offering treasures of faith.
Direct Support to Artisans: Support real Israeli families with meaningful purchases, not donations.
Explore Israel with Every Box: Take a personal mini-tour of Israel at home with products made from all over the Holy Land delivered in each box.
Insights and Enrichment: Gain unique insights and enrich your knowledge through regional news and webinars.
Biblical Warmth: Enjoy Items infused with biblical motifs and tap into the spirituality of the Holy Land at home
Artisanal Heart: Our producers share more than products—they share the very heart and soul of Israel with you.
Why You'll Love It
Why is our Surprise Box FREE?
It might sound incredible to receive a FREE box filled with premium Israeli products, but we want you to experience the warmth and beauty of Israel just like our cherished community does.

By exploring the delights of the Holy Land from your home—feeling its textures, tasting its flavors, and connecting with its remarkable pioneers—we believe you'll be inspired to join our family.
Here’s What We Offer
Discover the goodness of Israel with our surprise box, valued at $75. Each item, worth over $25, showcases Israel's vibrant culture.

For a shipping fee of just $14.99, you'll receive three full-sized treasures that could include anything from cosmetics and jewelry to gourmet food, Judaica, or handmade ceramics. What exactly? That’s the surprise we can't wait for you to discover!
Moreover, we’re offering you Israel’s best-kept secret recipes! Originally $33, yours for FREE.

This beautiful digital 2-volume cookbook, created by a celebrated Israeli chef along with artisan families from the Holy Land, goes beyond the physical products. It invites you into an enriching journey through Israeli culinary traditions, helping you connect more deeply with the culture and its people.
Claim your FREE Surprise Box now! Enjoy three premium artisanal products from Israeli pioneers and pay only for shipping—far less than the actual value.

But Wait, There's More! Sign up today and Enter to Win a FREE FULL-SIZED BOX! You could be one of five fortunate subscribers to receive our premium box, absolutely free.
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This unique opportunity lets you embrace Israeli culture, connect with artisans from biblical regions of the Holy Land, and receive quality products that far exceed the minimal expense. Discover a world of treasures right from your home.
Claim Your FREE Surprise Box That Unlocks True Connection With Israel! 3 Top Artisanal Products + Exclusive Digital Israeli Cookbook ($108 Total Value)
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Claim Your FREE Surprise Box That Unlocks True Connection With Israel! 3 Top Artisanal Products + Exclusive Digital Israeli Cookbook ($108 Total Value)
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