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We are Lev Haolam, the leading subscription box service in Israel. For a decade now, with our help, supporters of Israel have assisted over 1820 heroic families in Israel, transforming their connection to the Holy Land into a lifelong journey.

Our main offer is a monthly subscription box, thoughtfully curated with 7-9 artisanal products, all crafted with love in Israel. These boxes showcase Israeli creativity with gourmet foods, handcrafted items and more, all from the Biblical heartlands, delivered directly to your doorstep. You will not find any other company whose sole purpose is to help you foster authentic and deep bonds with the Holy Land and feel its unwavering love in return.

Today, we're offering you a chance to sample what it means to truly connect with Israel. It's easy, and there is no commitment to a monthly payment.
Our FREE Box, with our top 3 selected products created by Israeli artisans, serves as an introductory taste of Israel's rich cultural and artisanal heritage. Upon receiving it, you will be officially honored with the badge of being a Lev Haolam Friend and a Friend of Israel, symbolizing your support and connection to the land and its people.
Begin your journey with Israel today, starting with a sample of its unparalleled products and stepping into a cherished circle of friends.
Claim Your FREE Surprise Box That Unlocks True Connection With Israel! Top 3 Artisanal Products + Exclusive Digital Israeli Cookbook ($83 Total Value)
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By becoming a Friend of Israel and Lev Haolam, you participate in its history and destiny. You will spiritually feel the connection with every touch and every thought.
Get to know the local families behind each product through their first-hand stories shared in the accompanying magazine.
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Securing your FREE Box unlocks the gateway to experiencing Israel’s all-encompassing love, presented through 3 impactful connection types. Each curated item in this box signifies one of them, establishing a unique bond with Israel.
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Receive a badge of a true “Lev Haolam & Israel Friend” and experience a connection that transcends others. Feel the love of Israel in every product, while supporting the Land and its people.
Journey to the Holy Land
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This FREE box of premium Israeli items is more than just a giveaway — it's a testament to our belief in building a global community that supports and celebrates Israeli craftsmanship. It's our way of inviting you to be a part of something bigger, fostering connections with the Holy Land.
The total value of our offer, including the surprise artisanal products and the digital cookbook, exceeds $83, far more than the minimal cost of shipping we’re asking for. By providing a FREE taste of Israel's rich cultural heritage, we aim to ignite interest and appreciation for the craftsmanship and stories behind our boxes.
Grab this unique opportunity before the price reverts to the original $39.99. For just a shipping fee of $14.99, you receive a surprise box valued at total $83, containing 3 full-size items from various categories like cosmetics, jewelry, food, Judaica, or handmade ceramics, plus a digital cookbook.
Along with your free box, gain immediate access to a coveted 2-volume digital cookbook, edited by an Israeli chef. This treasure trove of recipes, valued at $33, is now yours for free, offering a unique glimpse into Israel's culinary heritage and deepening your connection to the Holy Land.
Claim your FREE Surprise Box with 3 premium artisanal products from Israeli pioneers, only pay $14.99 for shipping - a fraction of the actual $83 offer value.
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A FREE box might seem too good to be true, but we believe in the power of our products so much, that we’re confident that once you sample our carefully selected artisan-crafted goods, you’ll be inspired to continue your journey with us, exploring more of what Israel has to offer.
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The value of the 3 products is $50. Each item in this surprise box is individually priced at over $15, showcasing the vibrant cultural of Israel.

For a shipping fee of $14.99, you’ll receive a surprise package containing 3 full-size items from categories such as cosmetics, jewelry, food, Judaica, or handmade ceramics. Which ones? This we will keep as a surprise for you!
Moreover, we’re offering you Israel’s best-kept secret recipes! Originally $33, yours for FREE.

Crafted by an Israeli chef in collaboration with artisan families from the Holy Land, this digital 2-volume cookbook will elevate your order with an immersive experience that extends beyond the physical products, enriching your understanding and appreciation of Israeli traditions.
Claim your FREE Surprise Box with 3 premium artisanal products from Israeli pioneers, only pay $14.99 for shipping - a fraction of the actual $83 offer value.
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Break down the cost, and you’re spending less than on a lunch out, for a box filled with Israel’s treasures.
This is a unique opportunity to embrace Israeli culture, learn more about artisans living in Biblical Areas of the Holy Land, and receive quality products that far outweigh the minimal cost.
Claim Your FREE Surprise Box That Unlocks True Connection With Israel! Top 3 Artisanal Products + Exclusive Digital Israeli Cookbook ($83 Total Value)
From Their Hands to Yours:
Meet The Artisans Behind Our Products
Shlomit Cohen is the owner of Gift of Nature Cosmetics, a small business producing organic beauty products utilizing the herbs and plants that grow near her home in the beautiful community of Bat Ayin, in the Judea Hills. What was initially a hobby of learning about plant life became a career when Shlomit taught her husband's pupils how to make a cream out of plants and was then inundated with requests for more by their mothers!
Shlomit Cohen
Shlomo Keshet
Adva is a company based in Kochav Hashchar, in the Binyamin region, and offers a variety of organic soaps with healing properties derived from one unique ingredient, olive oil! Founder Shlomo Keshet used to work at an Israeli olive oil company where he learned all about the benefits of olive oil. After planting an entire orchard of olive trees, he began experimenting and his product range of all-natural soaps is the result!
Set among the beautiful picturesque village of Itamar in Samaria, Batya Erstein sits in her delightful little studio by her pottery wheel and handcrafts her wonderful ceramic pieces. From bowls to vases, each piece has been made with love by Batya who takes inspiration from the surrounding nature and the archeological evidence of the rich Biblical history of the region. She also runs workshops for groups, including those with special needs.
Batya Erstein
These are just a handful of the many dedicated pioneers we partner with across Israel. Behind every product lies a story of hope, craftsmanship, and love. Our artisans, the true pioneers of Israel, pour their hearts into creating something genuinely remarkable. From the sun-kissed hills of Judea and Samaria to your home, each item carries the essence of Israel's spirit. By claiming your FREE Box, you’re not only becoming a Lev Haolam Friend, you are connecting to the heart of Israel, celebrating its culture and heritage.
Claim Your FREE Surprise Box That Unlocks True Connection With Israel! Top 3 Artisanal Products + Exclusive Digital Israeli Cookbook ($83 Total Value)
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Elevate your connection with Israel from the very start by opting for our main offer, the monthly subscription boxes, instead of just the FREE sample box. Over our decade of connecting hearts to the Holy Land, we've learned that a true, deep bond with Israel doesn't happen overnight. It's a journey - a rich tapestry of authentic encounters, compelling narratives and community engagement.

Subscribing to our packages welcomes you into our Family, where each box unfolds different stories of the Holy Land and it’s people. Look forward to the monthly excitement of receiving a box not with 3, but 7 to 9 artisanal treasures, from the finest gourmet delicacies to beautifully handcrafted items, all curated from the artisans you directly support.
Join the Lev Haolam Family, alongside our members receiving Monthly Boxes today, and start assisting over 1820 heroic families in Israel, creating a bond between you and them.
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