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We are Lev Haolam
We are
Lev Haolam
In times of conflict, the spirit of resilience shines brightest among those most affected. Today, Israeli artisans and creators, many of whom also serve in the IDF, face unprecedented challenges. They continue their craft, often in the brief moments between their essential service duties. At Lev Haolam, we believe supporting these pioneers is not just a purchase—it’s a partnership in resilience and courage.
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Every Purchase Empowers an Artisan in Israel
As a member of our Family, you become part of a vibrant community both in Israel and globally.
We immerse you in Israeli life, and community activities, and keep you updated with first-hand news, and much more.
Emotional bond
Your membership contributions go towards helping artisans in Israel. These individuals are revitalizing the Holy Land and creating amazing products.
You will get to know them and feel their gratitude while discovering their beautiful creations, reading their stories, and seeing their photographs in our monthly magazine.
Physical bond
Our artisans create the finest quality products in the Holy Land: ceramics, olive oil, honey, jewelry, organic cosmetics, and much more. Often, these are handmade items inspired by Israel and crafted with love exclusively for the Lev Haolam family.
We carefully curate our boxes, which we ship from Israel to you. You'll feel the love of Israel from each product and every box.
Spiritual bond
Here’s How It Works
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Enjoy Israel goods, learn about the families you've helped, and experience true love flowing from Israel directly to you.
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Every month we personally curate your box at every stage of the way to ensure it arrives to your doorstep in perfect condition.
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Subscribe to a monthly plan to start supporting Israeli small businesses with Lev Haolam. New members get an exclusive bonus!
Meet Oren, a ceramist from the Golan Heights, who serves as a reservist. Between duties, he creates pottery that reflects the beauty and toughness of the Israeli landscape. Each piece you purchase helps Oren sustain his family and continue his art during tumultuous times.
Meet Oren
a ceramist from the Golan Heights
As a volunteer medic, she balances her life between creating beauty and serving her community in crisis. Your support ensures her small studio thrives despite the ongoing conflict.
Sarah from Jerusalem
handcrafts jewelry inspired by biblical landscapes.
Each item carries a story of endurance and pride, crafted not just for livelihood but as a statement of unwavering spirit.
Discover our exclusive collection of handmade ceramics, intricate jewelry, and artisanal fabrics.
Invest in craftsmanship. Stand with Israel’s pioneers. Your purchase makes a profound difference.

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Organic Cosmetics & Natural Soap
Fabulous Olive Oil, Spices & Spreads
Original Jewelry, Judaica & Works of Art
Biblically Inspired Ceramics & Housewares
Delicious Snacks, Treats & Tea
Within each package, you can expect 7-9 products produced by Jewish families and talented small business owners across Israel.

From fine wines to olive oils; aromatic spice and tea blends to delicious snacks; natural healing cosmetics and perfumes; and MUCH MORE, you will get the BEST of Israel straight to your door!
Unlike donations, through our subscription, you will receive feedback from those you've helped. You'll witness the impact of your support on their lives.
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