Lev Haolam Box
Each month, enjoy heartfelt goods crafted by artisans, enhancing your connection with Israel and embracing its warmth.
Our Pioneers, Artisans and Providers are resilient ; we simply offer our support
Cosmetics producers
Get 7 to 9 curated items in each box
Support new artisans each month
Discover the stories of those you've helped
Why Lev Haolam?
We're more than a channel for products—we're your window to the heart and soul of Israel. Joining our community connects you deeply with the land and its people, letting you feel their passion and love.
Lev Haolam partners with local artisans and family enterprises, placing large monthly orders to fill boxes shipped worldwide. This lively approach champions Israel's pioneers in remote regions. Each item you hold bursts with passion, dedication, and love.
But the adventure doesn’t end there! Every box includes a magazine that dives into the creators' lives. As you flip through the pages, you'll experience their dreams, embrace their determination, and celebrate their triumphs.
All items in our boxes are designed to help you get a DEEP Connection with the Holy Land, its people, and culture, and to celebrate the Holidays.
Inside the box, you can discover:
  • Original Jewelry, Judaica & Works of Art
  • Organic Cosmetics & Natural Soap
  • Biblically Inspired Ceramics & Housewares
  • Fabulous Olive Oil, Spices & Spreads
  • Delicious Snacks, Treats & Tea
What's In the Box ?
Here is what the box looks like
These are just some examples of what you can find in our surprise boxes.
Jerusalem Day Offer
Jerusalem Day, or Yom Yerushalayim, marks the reunification of Jerusalem and the return of Holy Sites like the Western Wall and the Temple Mount to Israel, finally making them accessible to all people and all religions! In honor of this special day, we have a special offer for new members!

Save 28% + Get FREE Shipping, Jerusalam Day eBook and over 10 Bonuses when you subscribe today!

Jerusalem day Offer
Subscribe now to get a Digital Unity Pack bonus (valued $58)
The 28th of Iyar — 28% off: don't miss out!
Act quickly! This offer is only available until March 11th or until the first 350 boxes are sold, whichever comes first. They're going fast!
$99/month after first box
The 28th of Iyar — 28% off: don't miss out!
First month: 28% discount
Example Box
Yours will be a surprise!
Claim it before it expires!
First Package: Welcome Box
Shipping: FREE for each box
Gift: Jerusalem Day eBook
  • Israeli Holidays Calendar
  • Jerusalem Tour + Webinar
  • Book of Hours
  • 2 Israeli Cookbooks
  • Biblical Israel eBook
  • Culture and History of Israel
  • Hebrew Journey
  • 10 Stories of Israeli Pioneers
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With us, your satisfaction isn’t just a promise; it’s our cornerstone. Just contact us at support@levhaolam.com for any request.
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Here’s How It Works
Step 1: Join Lev Haolam
Step 2: Get your box
Subscribe to a monthly plan to start supporting Israeli small businesses with Lev Haolam. New members get an exclusive bonus!
Every month we personally curate your box at every stage of the way to ensure it arrives to your doorstep in perfect condition.
Step 3: Spread Israel's love!
Enjoy Israeli goods while learning about the families you've helped! Share photos and videos of your box online, and invite friends.
Stand by Israeli Pioneers
Join us in rallying for Israeli pioneers during their crucial moments! Last year alone, our vibrant community from over 79 countries came together to support more than 340 families. Discover a treasure trove of exclusive, fun finds from Israel’s top farmers, winemakers, cosmetic creators, sweet confectioners, and talented artisans with Lev Haolam. Get ready for an experience as unique as the products you won’t find anywhere else!
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Watch the Unboxing
Enjoy an unboxing video with a product overview of one of our surprise boxes.
Watch the Unboxing
Enjoy an unboxing video with a product overview of one of our surprise boxes.
Our handcrafted products connect our members to the heart and soul of Israel.
Partner with us as we work to support Israeli communities.
Your subscription supports and sustains artisans and their families in the Holy Land!