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Lev Haolam Box
Every month, receive goods filled with love from the Holy Land and support local producers.
Deepen Your Connection with Israel & Feel Its Mutual Love
Cosmetics producers
Get 7 to 9 curated items in each box
Support new artisans each month
Discover the stories of those you've helped
Ignite an Unforgettable Bond with Israel
At Lev Haolam, we're not just a conduit for goods — we're a gateway to the heart and soul of Israel. As a part of our community, you become intrinsically linked with the land and people of Israel, feeling their reciprocated love with each interaction.
We're deeply committed to elevating local artisans, providing a lifeline to small businesses in Judea and Samaria. These are more than areas on a map — they're historical and spiritual centers where men and women work tirelessly to keep traditions alive and families thriving despite adverse circumstances.
We deliver not just products but an immersive experience with each surprise box. Inside, you'll find unique, artisan-crafted products, but also something more - an intimate connection with Israel and artisans. As you hold each item, you'll sense the passion, the dedication, and the love that has been poured into its creation.
But the journey doesn't stop there. Each box also carries a magazine that unveils the stories of these creators. With each page you turn, you will walk in their shoes, live their dreams, feel their determination, and celebrate their victories.
By choosing Lev Haolam, you're not only supporting a cause — you're becoming a part of a larger story, feeling the mutual love of Israel, and touching lives in ways you've never imagined. Witness the transformative impact of your support and let the joy of making a difference resonate in your heart. Join us today.
All items in our boxes are designed to help you get a DEEP Connection with the Holy Land, its people, and culture, and to celebrate the Holidays.
Inside the box, you can discover:
  • Original Jewelry, Judaica & Works of Art
  • Organic Cosmetics & Natural Soap
  • Biblically Inspired Ceramics & Housewares
  • Fabulous Olive Oil, Spices & Spreads
  • Delicious Snacks, Treats & Tea
Members' photos of our boxes say it all!
What's In the Box
Here is what the box looks like
These are just some examples of what you can find in our surprise boxes.
Watch the Unboxing
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Feel the joy of helping the people of Israel
In 2022 we helped over 340 Israeli families with our amazing members from more than 79 countries.
Discover unique products available only to Israelis!
Enjoy one-of-a-kind products from farmers, winemakers, cosmetics producers, confectioners, oil and soap makers, artists, and potters across Israel exclusively with Lev Haolam. Experience that you won't find anywhere else!
Here’s How It Works
Step 1: Join Lev Haolam
Subscribe to a monthly plan to start supporting Israeli small businesses with Lev Haolam. New members get an exclusive bonus!
Step 2: Get your box
Every month we personally curate your box at every stage of the way to ensure it arrives to your doorstep in perfect condition.
Step 3: Spread Israel's love!
Enjoy Israeli goods while learning about the families you've helped! Share photos and videos of your box online, and invite friends.
Experience the genuine joy of supporting Israeli families while deepening your connection with Israel.
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100% satisfaction guarantee
Free shipping worldwide
$99.00 billed monthly
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The Joy & Love Flowing from Israel
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Lev Haolam Box
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Top 3 benefits by subscribers:
  • goods of exceptional quality
  • responsive support
  • great way to help Israel
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Our handcrafted products connect our members to the heart and soul of Israel.
Partner with us as we work to support Israeli communities.
Your subscription supports and sustains artisans and their families in the Holy Land!
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