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Welcome to Lev Haolam, the leading subscription box service based in Israel, bringing you the finest treasures from the Holy Land.

We invite YOU to join our Israeli Family, where you can share your support and love for Israel and feel the love back.
Join our members helping over 1820 heroic artisan families, revitalizing the Holy Land with farming and crafts, producing olive oil and dates, honey and chocolate, salt and spices, tea and coffee, traditional sweets and snacks, books and art, cosmetics and jewelry, and so much more!
Our surprise boxes introduce to you not only the beauty of Israel, but connect you deeply to these pioneers and their stories, while rebuilding together the Biblical lands.
Delicious Food & Spices
Taste and smell the flavors of Israel
Savor special treats in every box
Premium-quality cosmetics
Nurture your skin with exquisite organic cosmetics
Handmade ceramics & Housewares
Bring the Biblical traditions to your life
Original Judaica & Jewelry
Feel a deep spiritual connection to Israel's history
30,000+ members
have enriched their lives and deepened their connection with Israel.
1,380,000+ boxes
have been shipped worldwide from Israel in over a decade.
engage with us on social media, a testament to our vibrant and active community.
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on Tristpilot and Facebook, showcasing our consistent excellence and the positive impact we have on our members.
Our Confidence is Built on Our History and Impact
100+ countries
have connected to our subscription service, allowing members to experience the essence of Israel wherever they are.
10+ years
of sharing the beauty of the Holy Land through our surprise packages with subscribers worldwide!
1,820+ families
are supported by our service thanks to subscribers, making a vital contribution to the rejuvenation of the Holy Land!
Direct from Israel
The only subscription box containing original products made 100% in Israel and based in the Holy Land!

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  • Israeli goods of exceptional quality
  • prompt support
  • great way to help Israel
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What's In the Boxes
All items in our boxes are designed to help you get a DEEP Connection with the Holy Land, its people, and culture, and to celebrate the Holidays.
Organic Cosmetics & Natural Soap
Fabulous Olive Oil, Spices & Spreads
Original Jewelry, Judaica & Works of Art
Biblically Inspired Ceramics & Housewares
Delicious Snacks, Treats & Tea
Celebrating Parents' Day
Israeli traditions and Parents' Day both cherish family and community. Inspired by these shared values, Lev Haolam introduces a special, time-limited offer to honor all parents. Don't miss it!
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Parents' Day SPECIAL Offer
  • Israeli Holidays Calendar
  • Jerusalem Tour + Webinar
  • Book of Hours
  • 2 Israeli Cookbooks
  • Biblical Israel eBook
  • Culture and History of Israel
  • Hebrew Journey
  • 10 Stories of Israeli Pioneers
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At the core of our service is a win-win philosophy: artisans receive fair compensation, while you, our valued subscriber, receive authentic, heartfelt gifts.

We are unique in our commitment to this mission, ensuring everything is done just right.

This shared commitment to integrity is why so many subscribers not only choose us over others but also stay with us for years, embracing a community that cherishes the same principles.
Our Philosophy: A Mutual Benefit
Here’s How It Works
Step 3: Feel Israel's love
Enjoy Israel goods, learn about the families you've helped, and experience true love flowing from Israel directly to you.
Step 2: Get your box
Every month we curate your box at every stage of the way to ensure it arrives to your doorstep in perfect condition.
Step 1: Join Lev Haolam
Subscribe to a monthly plan to start supporting Israeli families with Lev Haolam. New members get an exclusive bonus!
100% Happiness Guarantee
Our #1 priority is your happiness. We stand 100% by our product, offering unwavering support, no questions asked.
With us, your satisfaction isn’t just a promise; it’s our cornerstone. Just contact us at support@levhaolam.com for any request.
Less than thrilled with your first box? Receive a full, hassle-free refund.
Encounter an issue? Consider it solved.
Box didn't arrive? We'll dispatch another one promptly, on us.
Cancel any time for any reason
You’re not just donating; you’re investing in the heart of Israel —  the pioneers of Judea and Samaria. They’re revitalizing their land: turning deserts green, building homes, creating industries, and opening job opportunities.

Yet, despite their vital role, these producers often lack external support. That’s where Lev Haolam steps in. We partner with them, offering the crucial support they need for living.

You give Israeli families more than momentary aid — you give them the tools for lasting self-reliance, enabling them to live and grow communities.
Why Lev Haolam is MORE than a donation?
Watch the Unboxing
Enjoy an unboxing video with a product overview of one of our surprise boxes.
Become Part of Our Community
Lev Haolam is surely about helping Israel but beyond that a community of special people who share religious values. You can be in any place in the world but find your brothers and sisters with whom you can share your concerns and your hopes.
The Lev Haolam Family is a group in which everyone can get support and approval. As for today there are more than 3,000 members in the online community who candidly share their views and amazing stories. Finding like-minded people is much easier than you think. Join us and feel that you are at HOME! Join us and feel right at home!
Our Team
Our Office & Warehouse
We are a diverse group of Israelis, some Sabras (native born) and some who have returned home to our ancestral homeland from as far away as America and South Africa.
The Lev Haolam office is located in Kfar Etzion, one of the first modern Jewish settlements in Judea. Our office is part of a shared work environment with several Israeli enterprises.
What unites everyone on the Lev Haolam team is our love for the land of Israel and its people. We all value the opportunity to do work that we love, and to be part of the development of Israel, particularly the Biblical areas of Judea and Samaria.
The Lev Haolam warehouse is the centralized location for all our packing and shipping.