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Help us fight the boycott against Israel! Join the fastest-growing pro-Israel movement and support Jewish farmers, artisans, and families


Lev Haolam allows Israel supporters to help local family busineses in Judea & Samaria. This regions most affected by terror and international boycotts in all of Israel.

Using your subscription funds, we buy their high-quality organic products, pack them into a surprise-box and send them to all of our subscribers worldwide.

By subscribing, you provide hundreds of people the opportunity to live and work in the promised land and you get to enjoy high quality goods from Israel.


BDS stands for boycott, divestment and sanctions, but what it really is, is bigotry, discrimination and antisemitism.

It calls for economic boycott of Israeli products. And those who suffer the most, are small Jewish family businesses.
"I would like to congratulate this IMPORTANT endeavor… This is one of the answers to the attempts to isolate and boycott Israel..."
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at Lev Haolam


Join Lev Haolam to purchase high-quality products from Israeli families affected by the boycott. The subscription is $99 (USD)/month.
We will personally meet Israeli artisans and hand-pick 7-8 products for your box. Shipping is free. Your box will be shipped during the first week of next month. The delivery takes 1-3 weeks, depending on your location.
Open your box and enjoy! Every month is a surprise. You can expect honey, oils, tea, wine, organic cosmetics, Judaica, and much more. All the food products are Kosher certified.

Subscribe to start helping

We will pack and deliver your box

Enjoy and repeat


…No question, whoever buys Lev Haolam packages directly helps, encourages and becomes a partner for everyone here in Judea and Samaria. Thereby expressing his or her love for and connection to the Promised Land."
Shlomo Keshet
Saboneto factory
Our ability through Lev Haolam to be paid for a creative piece that we've worked on so long and made such an effort for – to whole-heartedly earn a living and to know that people are receiving the products and using them – that's huge.
Naama Isaac
Bright and Colorful Design in Tekoa
Lev Haolam really helps us and really gives us support financially and encouragement to continue to strengthen and build Judea and Samaria. I wanted to say from me and my family, thank you so much!
David Daniel
Hebron's Holy Honeybees
For me, I really feel like I'm doing something important now that these things are going out and it [helps] to support this area. I hope you love them and think of me when you use them.
Batya Erdstein
Ceramics by Batya



Be a part of the movement and help Israeli local communities & businesses!
The products are incredible! It is worth every shekel!!! Delightful surprises for you each month. Sign up! Show the world Israel is loved. God IS restoring the fortunes of ZION!
Katherine Grace
My family has been huge supporters of Lev Haolam for years now. We can't wait to receive our fantastic box of surprises every month. All of the hand picked Judea and Samaria products are phenomenal and always put to good use!
Barbi Wilson-Koifman
Received my pkg. yesterday. I was like a kid in a candy store. Enjoyed every moment of opening it to see what I received and was pleased. A wonderful way to support Israeli businesses and artisans. I am proud to be a part of this initiative.
Deborah Hecker
Hi , I received my first package today , it is awesome thank you. It feels like I get a little bit of Israel right in my home, what a blessing! Lots of blessings to you.
Johannita McLeod
Be a part of the movement and help Israeli local communities & businesses!