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I never thought I would be blessed by the Holy Land in such a way
Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that signing up for a monthly subscription would have such a far-reaching impact on my life.
I have been to Israel two times and would like to go back. When I read the Bible, it comes alive for me because of the tastes, smells, and sites that I saw. I even feel the oppressive heat that I felt there in July at the Dead Sea, Masada, the wilderness, and many other places that we went to. I often feel an incredible feeling of homesickness for Israel because I want to go back so bad.

Getting the boxes from Lev Haolam every month is a way for me to help the people of the Jewish ancestral land of Judea and Samaria and I have had a deep connection to the Holy Land through each box. It brings me back to those memories of Israel, the culture, and the feel of the land. I have overwhelming happiness and a lot of tears when I open the boxes ♥.
Although I decided to subscribe to help the people of Judea and Samaria, the most unexpected thing has happened. The price of the monthly subscription is nothing compared to the abundant blessings I have had! I subscribed with the thought that I would help people who needed it, but I have been so blessed by the people of Lev Haolam ♥♥♥, the contributing business owners, and the other members who get the monthly boxes.
Since I have become a member of the Lev Haolam, I've got access to a private Facebook group of Israel supporters. So I've gained a new family. People all over the world support Lev Haolam and we enjoy sharing pictures and unboxing videos of the items we receive, as well pictures of food and recipes for how we use the spices and other ingredients.
The really amazing part is that we have become like a family because not only do we have the common goal of supporting people who need it, but we also pray for each other, care for each other, lift each other up in our sorrows and celebrate each other's happiness. I find it incredible and such a blessing that I'm a part of such an uplifting and amazing Lev Haolam family! It's a common thing to hear that we are so excited to receive the boxes and when we open them, we have such joy and happy tears. Then we carry that joy with us through each month as we use the items and share our experiences with each other, as well as other people who don't know about Lev Haolam.
We need you to support the Holy Land! In every box, along with the unique handcrafted products, you will receive love and blessings.
Subscribe and start helping!
P.S. And my fluffy boy really love it!!!
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    I am grateful to hold theese lovely products in my hands. The nice designed boxes that provide us with information, affirmations and prayers, are adding a lot to the conception of the love of land and its producers!!
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    Just ordered my first box an I so excited. Wish I could have joined months ago, but God chose to bless me now so I will accept his timing!
    Charlotte Gratter
    I subscribed a few weeks ago using your link! So I received the first box to my home yesterday, I am so glad it has arrived in good state! I am grateful to hold theese lovely products in my hands. The nice designed boxes that provide us with information, affirmations and prayers, are adding a lot to the conseption of the love of land and its producers! Thank you❤️
    Anna Brown
    Take me to your family! I just signed up. I love Israel and believe that those who support the Jewish people will be blessed!
    Sabrina Peters
    I have been looking for so long how I can get closer to the Holy Land. I finally found it! Thank you. God bless you and Israel!
    Shaun Newman
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