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Add authentic flavors of Israeli cuisine to your regular meals
Delicious Food & Spices
Taste traditional sweets like honey, dates, cookies, chocolate, and more
Organic Sweets, Perfect Tea & Coffee
Touch meaningful works of local artisans filled with the spirit of Israel
Original Judaica & Jewelry
Enjoy powerful cosmetics made with unique Israeli herbs and minerals
Exclusive Organic Cosmetics
Decorate your home with impressive ceramics and works of art
Biblically Inspired Ceramics & Housewares
Every month you will find a new unique box full of Israeli treasures! Enjoy a full range of authentic products for an unforgettable experience of Israel.
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How it Works
Step 3
Open the box and explore up to 9 exciting surprises! It's an incredible feeling to hold a unique Israeli product in your hands and know that you helped the people who created it.
Enjoy the goods while helping Israel!
Step 2
Every month Lev Haolam orders unique goods from Israeli producers and packs them into the box. Your lovely white box will ship on the Monday following your order.
Get the box straight to your doorstep
Step 1
The boycott and sanctions prevent Israeli producers from freely selling their goods. By subscribing to Lev Haolam, you will receive Israeli goods directly from artisans, helping them resist the boycott!
Subscribe to the Lev Haolam Box
More than just a box
Subscribe to Lev Haolam today and make a tangible difference for Israeli communities, changing the lives of artisans and their families.
With the Lev Haolam box you can help hundreds of Israeli artisans fight the boycott and resist unfair sanctions. Every month we place large orders from local small businesses and ship them to pro-Israel supporters around the world! In this way, producers get enough support to earn a living.
Development of the Holy Land and a safe future for Israeli communities.
Additional jobs for people in Israel. Our suppliers provide work for dozens of employees, including people with special needs.
Meaningful and direct support for Israeli producers, their employees and families.
Your Impact
people in Israel are provided with jobs
parcels sent to our subscribers worldwide
174 000+
Israeli artisans expand their production
You get 100% authentic Israeli products. Many of our partners do not sell outside Israel or online.
Top 6 Subscription Features
Discover up to 9 Israeli treasures in your box every month. Excitement guaranteed!
Limited-edition goods made exclusively for our subscribers in every package.
Many of our products are inspired by Biblical events and come with a soulful explanatory story.
Subscribing to goods directly from producers is a really effective way to fight an unfair boycott.
Explore the real life of the Israeli artisans who made the goods by reading our magazine from each box.
Unforgettable surprise from Israel!
Super exclusive handmade goods!
Study the Bible in a new way!
Expand your knowledge about Israel!
Items you can't buy anywhere else!
Boycott the boycott of Israel!
What Subscribers Say
Caryn Broome
Jean Kenworthy Balthazor
Amy Jury
Georgia, United States
Kansas, United States
Washington, United States
I support Lev Haolam in their efforts to help these families sell their products and I appreciate the amazing products that I get each month!!!
We love "exploring" Israel every month! The beautiful packaging, excellent products, and stories about the companies make us love Israel more and more!
The value greatly exceeds the cost of the boxes. I'm so excited every month when they come! They're filled with things we genuinely use or would buy.
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