Covid-19: Lev Haolam is operating and will continue sending you your monthly packages. With your support, we are stronger than ever!


Lev Haolam helps to connect with Israel by enjoying the products made by pioneers of Judea and Samaria

Lev Haolam is an organization aimed to introduce the world to high-quality, all-natural Israeli goods created with love by local people.

Lev Haolam gives the opportunity to feel the spirit of Israel in any part of the globe by enjoying unique products that come in a monthly surprise package. The package is different each month, so you can experience the variety of flavors, fragrances and materials Israel has to offer.
We believe in local businesses rather than big enterprises. That's why we choose to deal with small family-owned businesses and help them grow.

All products we sell are coming from small factories and farms in the oldest regions of Israel - Judea and Samaria. These products are exclusive and not sold outside Israel by any other means.