The region of Judea and Samaria is the heartland of Israel where many of the biblical stories take place. Today, the people living on this land experience a lot of restrictions which makes it hard for them to maintain their small businesses. We want you to know them and feel their passion for the restoration of Israel. These are the faces and stories behind Judea & Samaria.



Chagit Shechter
Chagit Shechter from Rosh Tzurim, Gush Etzion. She opened Chaguta – Happy Designs in 2011. Chaguta focuses on home and kitchen accessories as well as Judaica products. The work that she does is all inspired by the beautiful places and historical atmosphere of the Holy Land. Chagit is happy to be working with Lev Haolam.
"I wanted to say thank you for this opportunity that I have of working with you and for all the supporters of my business"
Nachman Gutman
Sde Bar
Nachman Gutman lives in Sde Bar, where he owns and manages Sde Bar Farms. Based in the community of Nokdim, just South of Jerusalem, at the foot of Herodian, Sde Bar Farms was originally established in 2009 to help at-risk youth through farming. Over the years, Sde Bar has expanded to include the production of goat cheese, jams, olive oil, olives, herbal tea, and pomegranate juice.
"I'd like to thank everyone involved, for buying our products and supporting us."
Olga Alievsky
Olga Alievsky is the mother of 6 children. She lives in Tekoa, a beautiful community in the Judean Hills. Olga crafts stunning handmade candles that are bright even before being lit. She is truly an artist. The work that went into creating the engraved candles requires acute attention to detail and an intuitive spark of creativity. Olga also wanted us and the subscribers of Lev Haolam to know that she was thankful for their support for her and her family.
"I make decorative candles and I'd like to thank Lev Haolam."
Batya Erdstein
Ceramics by Batya
Batya is a mother of five who lives and runs her ceramic studio from the community of Itamar in Samaria. She produces amazing ceramic products and teaches workshops for all ages as well as special needs groups. Batya is happy to be working with Lev Haolam and she tells us that...
"Each piece is really made with love and consciousness and a good intention and I hope that you love them and think of me when you use them."
Shimon Barda
Itamar Perfumes
Shimon Barda has been making natural cosmetics for 21 years. He established Itamar Perfumes in the community of Itamar in 1994. From the outset, Shimon's mission has been to produce all-natural deodorants, perfumes, and creams. Itamar Perfumes achieved what no one thought they could and today manufactures a wide range of products.
"I want to thank lovers of Israel who support Lev Haolam."
Shlomo Keshet
Shlomo Keshet is a resident of Kochav Hashachar. He produces a wide variety of all-natural and organic soaps with healing properties and many benefits. He opened his own business Saboneto in 2013. It was very important to Shlomo and his family that the soaps are all-natural so that they are healthy for the people and the environment.
"I produce natural soaps with materials that our country naturally gives us and thank you!"
Jo Zander
Holy Cacao
Jo Zander opened the Holy Cacao factory in 2009 in the Har (hills of) Hebron region, minutes away from Hebron. Jo is a former New Jerseyan (US) and fourth-generation baker. Founder of the "Holy Cacao" chocolate factory near Hebron Jo Zander is one of just a few dozen producers of bean-to-bar chocolate in the world. He sees his work as the realization of a major commandment in Judaism: improving and making the world a little sweeter each day.
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers from Lev Haolam and I hope that you continue to enjoy our products in the coming year."


On behalf of all our producers, we'd like to express our appreciation for your help and support! We feel happy that there is a connection between the pioneers of the Judea and Samaria and people like you from all over the world. Thank you for joining us on this ongoing journey of supporting dozens of small businesses and families! Nothing would be possible without you!
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