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Dear Supporter of Israel,
We are Lev Haolam, the leading subscription box service from Israel.

We invite You to join our Israeli Family where you can give your support and love to Israel and feel its love in return.
Join our members assisting over 1820 heroic families in Israel, creating a bond between you and them.
Our surprise boxes introduce you to these families revitalizing the Holy Land with farming and crafts, producing olive oil and dates, honey and chocolate, salt and spices, tea and coffee, traditional sweets and snacks, books and art pieces, cosmetics, jewelry, and so much more.
Thanks to our monthly surprise boxes, over 30,000 of our members have already connected with Israel since 2014.
Each box, a delightful surprise. Get a new selection in every box!
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Full-size box for a complete experience of Israel every month.
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Yours will be a surprise!
Sign up for our subscription! Receive monthly boxes, supporting local artisans. Feel Israel and its love like never before!
What's In the Boxes
All items in our subscription boxes are designed to help you get a DEEP Connection with the Holy Land, its people, and culture, and to celebrate the Holidays.
Organic Cosmetics & Natural Soap
Fabulous Olive Oil, Spices & Spreads
Original Jewelry, Judaica & Works of Art
Biblically Inspired Ceramics & Housewares
Delicious Snacks, Treats & Tea
With Every Box, You Experience
Our Philosophy: A Mutual Benefit
Our membership is founded on a win-win philosophy: artisans are justly compensated, and you receive genuine, heartfelt gifts.
Enduring embrace of Israel’s Love
Exclusive items of immeasurable value
Our Promise to You
With our boxes, we aim to provide you with an invaluable feeling, akin to the love and care from your loved ones.
Israeli Family sharing your values
Deepest bond with Israel and its people
Direct impact on Israeli communities
Each month, you receive full-sized products delivered straight from Israel. These are not just gifts; they are pieces of Israel itself, crafted exclusively for our members.
Physical Bond
Become a member of our Family and experience a connection that transcends others. Feel your love for Israel return, drawing you closer to the land and its people.
Items in boxes are inspired by the Bible and sourced from regions of biblical significance. Engaging with these products enrich your spiritual ties to the Israel.
Your purchases have a direct impact on the lives of Israeli families. You feel a deep camaraderie as you share their victories and challenges.
Emotional Bond
How can I feel the love of Israel?
Your experience with Lev Haolam goes beyond conventional support for Israel.
Spiritual Bond
Here’s How It Works
Step 3: Feel Israel's love
Enjoy Israel goods, learn about the families you've helped, and experience true love flowing from Israel directly to you.
Step 2: Get your box
We curate your box at every stage of the way to ensure it arrives to your doorstep in perfect condition.
Step 1: Join Lev Haolam
Subscribe to a monthly plan to start supporting Israeli families with Lev Haolam.

Or try our amazing mini-box without a subscription.
Why is a Monthly Subscription Important?
Each box is more than a delivery; it’s a date with Israel that you look forward to, guaranteed to stir a whirlwind of emotions and immerse you in Israel’s embrace.

Our Lev Haolam family members, connected with us over the years, have cultivated a steadfast bond with Israel and feel its love. If you’re ready to start this journey, we’re here to make it happen.
Over our decade-long journey, we’ve learned a crucial lesson: forging a deep, enduring bond with Israel doesn’t happen overnight. A single box, though vibrant and heartfelt, can only offer a glimpse into the soul of Israel — a transient yet touching message. It’s the ongoing exchange, the monthly anticipation of what’s to come, that truly cements the relationship.
Because forging a strong bond takes time
Each of our boxes contains 7−9 products, directly supporting 7 - 9 producers with every shipment. With a network of over 300 producers in need, the surprise box format is our way of ensuring timely help. It allows us to focus on those who need it most at any given moment, rotating support among our community of artisans. This means that your subscription has a direct and immediate impact on the livelihoods of these families.

The best part is the excitement of anticipation as you unbox your surprises — it feels like celebrating a personal holiday every month!

You also get to explore products from different parts of Israel, such as Jerusalem, Beit El, Shilo, and more.
Why do we only offer surprise boxes?
Don't miss out on our exclusive offer!
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How do products strengthen my bond with Israel?
The easiest way to explain this is with a simple example. You may have received a hand-knitted scarf from your grandmother or mother, or perhaps a delicious cake. Wrapping yourself in that scarf or taking a bite of the cake, you feel the care and love of your loved ones. In a similar way, a product that is handmade in the Holy Land awakens a genuine sense of love and closeness with Israel.
“Love ❤️ love ❤️❤️ Thank you Lev Haolam family! It's an honor to be loved by you My beautiful Israel !!!!!!!!!”
"I have been searching for a long time for ways to get closer to Israel and feel its presence in my life.

And now with Lev Haolam, I can finally feel the love of Israel. Every product I receive from the Holy Land fills me with love"
You’re not just donating; you’re investing in the heart of Israel —  the pioneers of Judea and Samaria. They’re revitalizing their land: turning deserts green, building homes, creating industries, and opening job opportunities.

Yet, despite their vital role, these producers often lack external support. That’s where Lev Haolam steps in. We partner with them, offering the crucial support they need for living.

You give Israeli families more than momentary aid — you give them the tools for lasting self-reliance, enabling them to live and grow communities.
Why Lev Haolam is MORE than a donation?
You learn the names of the families you've helped and can follow their progress within our community.
"I am very inspired by the stories of the families I help. It brings me very close to them and to Israel. And, of course, I feel their love in return!" — our beloved member.
Watch the interview with our members who have been with us for 8 years!
The family of Israeli producers who received help extends their thanks to our members
By selecting this approach, we aim to significantly impact the lives of many underserved Israeli small businesses.
Each box offers you an extraordinary experience, from discovering the products to our magazine revealing the stories and traditions of the makers. 
Every box supports different Israeli families
Watch the Unboxing
Enjoy an unboxing video with a product overview of one of our surprise boxes.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I literally squealed when I saw Lev Haolam on the outside of the box! 😍 I love everything and I am so excited to be able to support AND receive all this awesomeness straight from Israel! Thank you all for putting this together! ❤️

Marilyn Washington

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is so meaningful and beautiful box. I receive the blessings from Zion

Thank you Lev Haolam Family for selecting the right products, the themes, preparing and ship to our homes such great products. ❤️

Claudia Canizalez

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My June box arrived tonight!! The detailed artwork put into the beautiful box holding the Song of Songs Book left me in awe! All the items in the box were, as always, crafted with love, care, and with quality product. I can’t wait to try the tea! 💝

Susan Goodwin

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Received our box last night. We were so happy to see all the beautiful products. Can’t wait to make a chicken dish with the new spice jar

and we can never have enough olive oil!

Lyn Andres-Anderson

We are the Lev Haolam family
Over 30,000 members have trusted us!
We have delivered on our promise to deepen their bond with Israel by allowing them to feel its love in return.
We are the
Lev Haolam family
We have delivered on our promise
to deepen their bond with Israel by allowing them to feel its love in return.
Our employees are dedicated to learning everything about our precious country. We explore the country, interact with its people, and witness how they breathe life into Israel through their work. Living life this way every day gives us expertise in this remarkable nation.
The Lev Haolam Company is based in Israel, near Jerusalem, and cares passionately for and feels loved by Israel.
Every day, our utmost priority is
to bring happiness to our members.
With almost a decade of experience, we've connected thousands of people with Israel, spreading love worldwide through over 1,380,000 boxes.

We truly value our members and are dedicated to resolving any issues they may encounter. If your box doesn't arrive or arrives damaged, we'll promptly send a new replacement box. Our customer care team is always here and happy to help you. You're our priority!
10 years of experience
more than 30,000 people connected with Israel
Every day, we receive dozens of grateful testimonials, like this, "My life with Lev Haolam just got brighter! Every month, I eagerly await my surprise and always receive much more than I expected. I'm thankful to fate for finding such an amazing company and becoming a regular member. Now, Israel is always with me!" We've amassed over 1,570 reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook, showcasing an amazing volume of positive feedback from our satisfied members.
At Lev Haolam, we wholeheartedly believe in transforming the lives of our members for the better.
Our mission is to bring them as close to Israel as possible, filling their lives with its love.
Check what people say about us
1,380,000 boxes worldwide
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Even though you're far away, you can still feel a part of Israel and its vibrant life. This closeness will let you truly experience its love
Each Lev Haolam box is like a mini-tour of Israel right in your home.
Get producer insights, regional news, educational webinars, and more.
Our items feature biblical motifs and human warmth.
Our producers share more than products — they share Israel's heart with you.
Limited Edition Mini Box Awaits You!
Experience Israel for just $23.99 with our special offer.

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