Our Support Program
Lev Haolam allows Israel supporters to help the people of Israel in the most meaningful way. To give them a rod, not a fish.
To survive, many people in Israel work in small family businesses. They use their creativity to make jewelry, ceramics, olive oil, sweets, cosmetics - basically EVERYTHING! But they face so many problems every day. Unexpected things like a house burning, a roof collapsing, a truck breaking down, or even a child getting sick.
Later, when their issues are behind them, they can make and fulfill our prepaid order!
It's heartbreaking because it's hard for them to find help. And worse, problems like these have even caused people to close their businesses!
The terrible thing is that they want to work, but the jobs are lost, hurting everyone, from families to their whole communities.
That's why every month, the Lev Haolam team finds small family businesses that need help. We personally meet with people who own the companies, discuss their problems and look for solutions.
We help support their business by making large orders of their products and prepaying for them usually for a whole year! This way, they get enough money to solve their problems and plan for the year ahead and start working again!
We ship them worldwide to our subscribers. Each subscription allows us to help more Israeli producers.
«y subscribing to Lev Haolam, you not only help people in Israel but also receive their beautiful handmade goods. Each product is tangible proof of your help!
We feature up to 9 different products from our producers in our beautifully curated packages
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