Subscription box from the Holy Land directly to your doorstep
Get Authentic Israeli Goods & Support Jewish Artisans
Deborah Copes
Terrific way to support Israel and receive superb products made there!
— The Jerusalem Post —
"...assists Israeli small business to connect to lovers of the Jewish state around the world."
— The Times of Israel —
"Lev Haolam has been doubling down to support Jewish communities beyond the Green Line."
— i24NEWS —
" with small Jewish businesses, producing uniquely Israeli products, to overcome the boycott."
— The Israel Forever Foundation —
"...a channel to connect pro-Israel advocates and supporters with Israeli vendors."
as seen in...
We handpick their best quality goods and prepay a big order.
Every month we find Israeli artisans who need support the most.
We get orders from 7-9 artisans, pack them in a box, and ship to you.
What's in the box?
Inside each monthly package you receive up to 9 unique items that are produced by family businesses in Israel which need help the most.

The products in each package vary every month
, and can include honey, chocolates, tea, wine, oils, spices, dried fruits and vegetables, organic cosmetics, Judaica items, jewelry, handmade artisan crafts, decorative household items, and more.
  • Ceramics
    Israel's heartland boasts some of the finest ceramic artists in Israel. Their work is directly inspired by the Land on which they live.
  • Jewelry
    Lev Haolam gives you access to some of the most beautiful and inspirational jewelry from Israel's heartland.
  • Housewares
    From kitchen items to house accessories our packages have a beautiful range of housewares.
  • Wine
    Lev Haolam includes in its monthly boxes a wide range of wines from Judea and Samaria as well as the Golan and Galilee. Note: We have parcels without alcohol.
  • Cosmetics
    From soaps to moisturizers, Lev Haolam cosmetics are made from ingredients with a direct connection to the Holy Land.
  • Oils
    Your package will often times have high-quality oil products like Olive or Pomegranate Seed Oil produced in Israel's heartland.
  • Sweets
    Whether it is honey, date syrup, or chocolate Lev Haolam will always make sure there is something sweet in your package.
  • Judaica
    Lev Haolam offers a wide range of original Judaica pieces.
what customers say
Wonderful spices, jewelry, delectable snacks, and beautiful books... I could go on and on.
— Linda C. —
Love the idea of helping the people of Israel. Never disappointed in the monthly goodies.
— Pamela D. —
Love these boxes! Something special I share with friends and family. I would highly recommend.
— Cheryl D. —
The box
that helps
Each purchased Lev Haolam Box helps the hardworking Jewish people, who are striving to fulfill the Holy Plan in the Land of Israel.

This is not a donation. This is help! Real help for real people who want to work in their historical homeland and support employees and their families.