Unlock the Joy of Passover with an Additional Passover Package!
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Did you know that the retail price for our beautiful Passover Box is $129?
Non-members only have one option- purchasing the Passover Box for $129. To show our appreciation for your ongoing support, we're offering these additional Passover boxes at the regular subscription price of $99! (That's a savings of $30!)

By choosing extra Passover boxes, you're treating yourself and your loved ones to more incredible products from the Holy Land and providing even more support to our talented Israeli artisans this holiday season!
Ordering an extra box is quick, easy, and hassle-free. We've answered all your additional questions right here!
Fill in the form and let us know how many additional boxes you want.
Is this the same box that I will receive?
Yes next month you’ll receive the Passover Surprise Box, as part of your regular subscription. (No spoilers, but it’s perfect for Passover)
Fill in your shipping address (even if it's the same as your subscription shipping address.)
Will the Passover Box arrive in time for Passover?
We are shipping with anticipation that your surprise box will arrive in time for the holiday; however, due to current uncertainties, we can not guarantee an arrival date.
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Are the products Kosher for Passover?
Yes. All the edible products are Kosher for Passover.
Can I ship to multiple locations?
We are only able to ship to one specified location.
Can I include a gift card?
We are not able to include a gift card.
Can I order more than one box?
As long as supplies last, you are welcome to order as many boxes as you need.
We know you will be thrilled with this beautiful Passover surprise box and its perfect-for-your-celebration treasures!
If you have any additional questions, we're here for you. Just drop us a line at support@levhaolam.com